Dreams and reality

It feels like the expat life is getting closer fast. We have yet not found a new job so we don't know were we are moving haha but I must say, we've fallen in love with the idea of moving to Vietnam, Da Nang to be more specific! We've started looking at different YT videos of expat living there, information about the country and the different cities and were living is the best. Since we really want to move to Asia, no matter what country we end up in, the cultural differences will be shocking. But knowing myself and my husband it will be such a burst of adrenaline that we will be on high of positive emotions. However, what I'm the most afraid of is being so far away from our parents and that safety net. We always have someone to call who can be there in 5 minutes and help us and beeing on the other side of the world puts you in a very vulnerable situation. I really want to find a housekeeper/nanny who can be like one in the family and help us out with the kids, and everything around the house. To me it's important that I can trust this person since it's about my children and it makes me a bit worried how we'll be able to find someone like that. Anyway, that still in the future and I need to focus on the presence, having to small kids require to stay in the moment otherwise I'll be drained at the end of the day haha! We finally bought another babycarrier so that we could carry Santino aswell. We choose Osprey  again, I've been so satisfied with this carrier so I wouldn't even look for another brand. Both our kids love it and now we've started preparing Santino for our trip to New York and Toronto.  We'll be in NY for 5 days and Toront for 2,5 weeks. Im so excited cause we've never been to America, and a bit nervous cause we've never flown that far with small kids... oh well, it will be an experience 😂 A lady asked to take a picture of us today, to send to her relatives in Iran, another man tried to sneak in some pictures of us aswell. I don't get it, just ask!