9 Amazing Ways Religion and Technology Have Changed the World of Worship

Given that 80% of the world's population is religious and over half of the world's population is using the internet, religion and technology have proved to be a match made in heaven. Thanks to the world wide web, religious teachers and everyday people have found it easier than ever to get closer to their holy texts and to their God. Saying things like "technology has helped religion" is a vague statement though. Our team, like many others fascinated with this unique relationship, want to take the conversation further for you curious readers by describing exactly how technology has taken religion to new heights. Below, we outline some of the most special benefits high-tech has brought to the wonderful word of worship! 1. Sermons Are On-Demand Depending on where you go to church, you may find yourself really having to focus on what your preacher is saying. After all, tying religious teachings in with modern situations can make for some pretty high-level conversations that you might not be able to fully comprehend over the course of an hour or two on a Sunday. Thanks to religion and technology joining up though, you don't have to! Many churches are recording and publishing sermons given on their website as quickly as the day that it's given. With that, followers of a congregation can review key concepts via video or podcasts and better understand what's being said by reviewing the sermon that they just heard. 2. Those That Can't Make It to Church Can Still Make It Many congregations have a number of elderly people that eventually find themselves unable to make it to church. When this happens, it can be a source of despair for seniors that now feel separated from God and their community. Thanks to live-streaming though, no matter where a person is, they can watch their favorite sermon as it's happening. We're seeing more churches streaming their Sunday sessions onto YouTube and/or onto their website. 3. Funding for Churches Is Easier Than Ever Some churches find it hard to raise the funds necessary to operate and help their congregation. After all, much of churches miscellaneous funding still comes from people dropping cash in a bag that's passed around on a Sunday. With the help of tech, however, funding sources have absolutely boomed for many churches. Congregations can now set up "recurring gifts" through payment processors like PayPal. What's even better is that since these recurring gifts are donations, PayPal and other processors don't even pull fees from transfers! 4. Holy Texts Are Always Available Holy texts are central to one's ability to fully immerse themselves in their religion. Unfortunately, many territories don't have access to Bibles, Korans, and other books. Now, so long as people can access a web browser, they can enjoy the full teachings of those they follow just by running a quick web search. The vast majority of religious texts are hosted free of charge online so that the world always has a way to access the teachings of their God. 5. Help Can Always Be Given The internet has proven an excellent medium for people to directly or indirectly let others know that they need help. We've all seen it before... That friend on Facebook that's posting depressed, destructive things. In a world without technology, that person's cries for help would likely go unheard and something terrible might result from the silence. Today, religious people that make it a priority to help those in need can identify those that are struggling and point them in the direction of the help they need. 6. Ideas Are Being Discussed More Than Ever Religious texts are hot-beds of interpretation. That's why so many religious scholars exist! With religion and technology hand in hand in today's world, conversations around controversial interpretations are taking place not just amongst "experts" but on Facebook, Twitter, digital forums and just about everywhere else online. The more people discuss, the quicker ideas are spread and consensus is reached. 7. New Ways to Get People to Church Events Churches host a variety of get-togethers on Sundays and during the week. Some of these events are focused on preaching while others are more social and allow people to come into the fold of religion is a more organic way. With technology's help, churches are able to invite more people to these functions by spreading the word across social media and on their optimized websites which you can learn more about by reading this guide. Better promotion means better attendance and better attendance means more lives changed! 8. Religion Can Set the Record Straight There has been a lot of animosity aimed at religion in recent years. A lot of this animosity has seeped into the media which has led to religion getting a bit of a negative connotation. Now the people don't need big media to communicate with the world, religion has a way to speak directly to those that don't know much about it. This direct form of communication without middle-men touching messages means that the world can decide for themselves what they think about a particular religion and can have a good idea if a religion is right for them. Amazing Ways Religion and Technology Have Changed the World of Worship Religion and technology have joined together to make teachings of love more accessible to everybody in the world. That union has the potential to change millions of lives that may have not otherwise been touched by religious teachings. Whether you're interested in diving deeper into the topic of religion or want to learn about any other topic, our digital magazine at Devote.se has your covered! 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