Ask The Retired Model: Exes, Weight Loss, My Routine, Happiness, and Family Life

Hey hey! Wow, this is my first post on Devote! HELLLLOOOOO My Beautiful SWEDES! Seriously though, every single person I meet Swedish is fucking gorgeous. It's actually really intimidating. Also, they speak perfect English so it's just a double whammy. Anyways, you guys late some great questions and I'm excited to answer them! I hope you are satisfied and continue to send the questions submitted. I will answer every Friday :) Here we go! 1. Can you talk about your daily routine? -Anonymous On Ask.FM I'm not quite sure if you are talking about my beauty routine or just what I do When I wake up in the morning / with my life every day. So, I'll just give you both! Philip wakes me up in the morning at about 10 am with a coffee. I am the type of person who likes to shower at night so I just brush my hair and teeth and clean my face. I use Garnier Cleansing Water to feel refreshed then I dab on Garnier Cherry Blossom toner. While I wait for my face to absorb the toner, I pick out an outfit and eat breakfast. I have been trying to not wear face makeup too often so usually I will only do my brows, mascara, and put on some NYX lip cream.  The rest of the day consists of responding to emails, hanging out with friends, blogging, or exploring Stockholm. I'm still in the process of settling in with work and stuff but things are coming together. It's only my second month in Sweden so it's still pretty chill. At night, I usually go out for dinner / drinks with Philip and friends. If not, I like to lay in bed, scrolling through BuzzFeed with FRIENDS playing in the background. Something about Matt LeBlanc's voice just soothes my soul. 2. How does your ex boyfriend feel about Such a quick turnaround? - Sarah on WordPress Honestly, we do not have any bad blood. He was angry at first (as he should be) but has accepted it. My brother was recently in the hospital and B went to visit and keep him company which meant the world to me. B is truly an amazing person and will always have a special place in my heart. We have both moved on and just want the best for each other.  Sorry my answer is so vanilla but that's how it is! 3. Do you have any advice for losing weight? - Anonymous on Ask.FM If you've been reading my blog then you know that weight is a very touchy subject for me. As a recovering bulimic and ex-model, I am very conscious of my weight. Quite honestly, that's just what the fashion industry does to you. Eating disorder or not. Since I am no longer sticking my finger down the throat until I vomit, I am focusing on eating healthier but I won't deny myself a treat if I crave it. If I want fries, I'm going to have fucking fries. But am I going to eat fries every day? No.  For breakfast, I eat a slice or two of toast with some shaved Jarlsberg on it. During the day, I am quite busy and food is the last thing on my mind so it's rare that I have lunch. Instead, I have a large salad at 4 or 5 pm then have a light dinner at around 7:30 or 8. Really the key is eating salad every day and enjoying treats in moderation. When it comes to exercise, I would rather jump off of a 10-story building than go to the gym. Instead, I choose to walk EVERYWHERE. The average healthy person is supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day (peep your iPhone Health Apps) but since I live in a city, I've been walking the 15,000 a day. Which is nothing compared to my husband's 25,000 to 30,000 steps a day. Something he reminds me of every day. 4. I am so interested in how you have Such an interesting outlook on life. You are like a fearless That bird soars through life and just smiles. I seriously admire you so much. From the few posts about your family, I Know You Have Overcome a lot ... Your tone in your blog says it all. I have one request Which you probably will not take me on but I would love it. Could you write about your childhood and family? Specifics about it? From your young days over what you came to I guess now? I read your letter to your brother in tears ... I'm so interested in your human life and family. I understand That is private, but my motive is not to make you feel uncomfortable with sharing about your family. My motive is to see in Megan's eyes what she dealt with. You carry yourself so well. I seriously admire you so much doll. - Anon from WordPress First of all, you little cutie pie, can I please meet you or possibly keep you in my pocket for when I need reassurance in my life?  Unlike me, my family is very private. When I first started blogging, I kind of *overspilled* about our family life and they got PISSED. Out of respect for them, you probably won't see me writing about my family BUT I promise I will start to blog about my childhood a bit more. I'm really happy you liked my letter to my brother. A lot of people thought I wrote it as a cry for attention and really the only attention I wanted to grab was his. And it worked. He is doing much better and I am so proud of my big brother. Thank you for Such a sweet message, Anon :) 5. What do you like most about your life? - Anonymous on Ask.FM Well, I am in a really good place right now. I have an amazing husband, we live in Stockholm, and my blogging career is starting to really pick up! I am really excited about what the future holds. A lot of cool things are about to happen this summer so you guys better stay tuned! Ahh! Thank you so much for the questions and do not forget to send me more in the comments or on  Do not forget that I'm not all the way done with editing my new Devote page but I hope you guys like it thus far. xx, Megan Kennedy-Widmark