SaberLight Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Light Beam Ligther

SaberLight is a cutting edge plasma beam Lighter that makes use of electricity as opposed to butane to generate a plasma wave hotter than fire. Saberlight took control of 2 years of advancement and the outcomes promote themselves this plasma wave could establish anything aflame promptly in futuristic design. Various research studies have actually revealed that traditional butane gas is very harmful to people so rather than utilizing unsafe chemicals like butane Saberlight uses an ultra powerful lithium ion cell to produce a very heated plasma wave. It also has actually the added benefit of being completely windproof, splashproof as well as airport terminal accepted so you could take your lighter with you anywhere you go. CHARACTERISTIC & HIGHLIGHTS: Chemical/Butane Free Rechargeable Windproof Sprinkle Evidence Airport terminal approved 300 uses per cost (1 hour fee time). WHAT'S INCLUDED:. SaberLight rechargeable plasma arc lighter. USB charging Wire. PLASMA WAVE INNOVATION-- Saberlight utilizes celebrity battles like plasma wave innovation to produce a plasma wave hotter than fire. Utilizes SaberLight for anything a standard lighter can do yet far better. RECHARGEABLE-- SaberLight houses a rechargeable lithium ion cell rather than gas. The cell is charged in an hour as well as is good for greater than 3 hours of use. BUTANE FREE-- No more dangerous butane. Research studies reveal that butane can be unsafe to humans; SaberLight makes use of plasma tech to get rid of the need for this hazardous chemical; it’s much better for you. WINDPROOF SPLASHPROOF & TSA ACCEPTED-- SaberLight is flameless plasma lighter so it is untouched by wind or water. Use it under any type of conditions; rain or shine. Considering that it does not have any harmful gas its additionally airport safe. The Lighter - Changed For Today. RECHARGEABLE - High density lithium battery gives 100 ignitions per fee. TOUCH ACTIVATED - Advanced touch sensing unit is turned on by your finger. AUTO-TIMERS - Ignitions last 5 seconds each activation. 10 second car timer closes Devoured when not in use to preserve battery life. FREE FORM PLASMA ARCS - No longer restricted by a slim coil - use the free form arcs to any type of surface area. WINDPROOF - Unaffected by wind. SPLASHPROOF - Untouched by rainfall. NO MORE BUTANE - Bolt is a much healthier alternative that uses electricity instead of hazardous chemicals like butane. CUTTING EDGE TOOL - Saberlight Bolt is the result of 3 years of research and development to create the supreme personal arc tool that works with absolutely anything. Older style plasma lighters are limited by a slim arc between nodes or a cap. Screw's cost-free kind plasma arcs indicate it can be used with bowls, bongs, pipelines, grills, candles, cigarettes, or put on any kind of surface with no constraints. This is the lighter re-invented for today. ULTRA PORTABLE - Bolt actions just half an in diameter and also about 5 inches tall making it one of the most portable arc tool in the world. It is only somewhat larger than the typical dimension office pen. A high density lithium battery offers 100 ignitions each fee. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - A touch activated sensing unit only fires up bolt plasma generators with the touch of your skin. Timer setups including 5 2nd times ignitions as well as 10 2nd vehicle shutoff maintain battery life so you obtain the most from your Screw. WINDPROOF SPLASHPROOF BUTANE FREE- SaberLight is flameless so it is unaffected by wind or water. Use it under any type of problems; rain or shine. Screw also doesn't utilize any type of hazardous butane gas so its healthier for you and also extra affordable than having to refuel or re-buy new lighters.