Dreams in Progress

I’ve been interested in design for as long as I can remember. When I was younger and lived on Guernsey there was this small chapel covered in broken pottery and ceramic, and I was amazed by the pattern and the history of every piece and the paintings on each broken shard. In high school, I studied Architecture and Design and excelled in the design subjects. For my last term project, I designed a wallpaper that was later put up in a mall I Stockholm and id still there in all its glory. But my love for graphic design grew when I started university. My first year I read Graphic Design parallel with a basic year of design. Now I study Economics and Visual merchandise at the same university as last year, but I still do a lot of graphic design work for the student union and on my spare time.But now I can for the first time proudly call Graphic Designer my profession. I work at a large newspaper publishing company that’s starting a distribution company. So, I work as the head designer and get to be a part of the company from the start. I’m designing everything from logo to business cards to company cars.I have an amazing office that looks out over the roof top and the lunch room has an amazing view over the church and the town square. I feel so incredibly lucky for this opportunity and it’s so much fun.