Guide to a summer worthy bar cart

The summer is here and we spend less time inside and more time out in the sun. No matter if you enjoy the summer warmth on your balcony or your lawn and refreshing drink in your hand is never wrong. Serve those drinks on a bragging worthy bar cart. Drinking Glasses The most basic on a bar cart, except the drink, is of course the drinking glasses. Trying to squeeze together as many as you can will both be and look a mess. Instead pick out a few glasses that go with several drinks like these from Anthropologie and bring out the rarer glasses when you specifically need them. Cutting Boards A good looking cutting board multi funktions as both a board to cut up fruit and serve several drinks at once. These ones are from Graham and Green. Mixers Fancy drinks deserves to be mixed in fancy mixers. I love these from Antropologie Bottle Opener You won't come that far without a bottle opener. There are so many different pretty ones that you bound to find the perfect one Towels and NapkinsWhile mixing drinks, and cutting lemons it easily gets messy and sticky so a kitchen towel will be necessary. It’s also both pretty and functional to serve the guests their drinks with a little napkin. This towel is from Antropologie. Straws and DecorationsThe drinks will be even fancier with pretty straws and colourful parasols. Put them in a little vase or jar to keep them organized. FruitNo summer drink is complete without some fruit! Vase or pot of flowersThis one is the most optional but I love decorating with plants, and flowers makes the cart even more summery. Just check out these cacti vases from Graham and Green. Photo Source Styling > for the cart not to look to cluttered try having only the necessary on the cart and the rest on hand i the kitchen. You can also always customize what’s on the cart for specific occasions. A smart choice is the pick a cart with a handle or a metal rod on the side. That way you can hand the towel and utensils there. > Style the cart with objects in different heights to prevent it from looking like a storage lineup. > the best bar carts are those with two levels. Store the drinks, glasses and a pretty plant on the lower shelf. Then store the drinking straws, fruit and napkins on the top shelf.