Dream home

So this is pretty random and it's going to be a lot of pictures and shit. But those who know me probably knows I'm a sucker for interior design and so on so I'm going to "design" my dream home here~   Leggo!     First of all it's going to have to be located on an Island because I want my close friends to live me and I have so many ideas :3   The main house will kind of look like this from the outside but a lot bigger:     And we will have something patio like with our pool as well. Also there will be a tiny shower so you can shower of the chlorine from the pool.   Also a bit from the patio attached to the house we'll have another patio and pool but more excluded for BBQ nights and talking in the summer~     Also in some bosket in the *big* yard there will be an outdoor cinema   Before I go into the interior of the main house let me just continue a bit outside and focus on that. There will be a kind of forest connected to the whole yard thing and if you walk for 2 minutes through the forest you'll get to a treehouse that you will be free to use whenever you feel like it. Continue past the treehouse for about 2-3 minutes and you'll get to the beach. One sleeping option in the treehouse would be the glass window bed thing and another would be a loft.       For a more getaway stay or for rent, there will be this house/castle-ish on the other side of the island.      Getting more into interior designs in the main house There will be a movie pit in the house where we can gather and watch movies together. It will kind of look like this, or, this is the idea of it but there'll be a few changes. First of, it will be built in in the floor so it will not be on top of the floor but rather in/under. It will be a bit bigger so everyone can fit but there will be armrests to pull down and use if there's not as many people in the pit for a cozier feeling. Also available will be a setting where you can adjust the warmth in the pit. So if you're feeling cold you can just fix it by that setting or the reverse. Then on the sides of the pit on the actual flooring there will be handles. Two on each side which if you pull them upwards a mini-fridge will appear where you can store ice-cream, chocolate, drinks and so on for movie nights. Besides the handles there will be a special kind of rubber or something alike where you can put your glasses or so so that they won't glide or if you spill it won't stain the actual floor. There will also be a big TV and a surround sound system.     The way to kitchen and the dining room will look like this for a relaxing feeling.   Bathroom (one of them at least)     One of the bathrooms will be attached to a balcony which will have a gate like thing and you can jump down from the balcony and fall down into the pool where you can proceed to swim through a tunnel into the water that's in the dining room, dry up and get breakfast.      A bunch of other beds and bedrooms that will be included in the house/houses.     There will be a lot of convenient ideas and hidden rooms in these houses, places where you can be for yourself. You can't be around people all the time, we all need time for ourselves.      Stairs that leads up to the other floors and in this case, the library.       The library will have big open windows towards the forest for a feeling of being in your own world and reading. There will also be this huge tree cutting through the house for a closeness to nature.       Warning: house will contain pillow rooms, which, if you walk into, might get you into spontaneous pillow fights.    Yes. I think I have like 7 people booked on this already (Y)