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Surf Termite & Pest Control - Provide Best Pest Control Services Regardless of the type of farming you do, pest problems are a major concern, not only because of the loss of revenue that can be caused by contamination of your crops, but also because of possible damage to your property and to your equipment. But we at Surf Termite & Pest Control help you. Rodents are a major problem for farmers because their gnawing can cause significant damage, such as holes in the structure of a building, or worse, a power system failure or flood. Seasonal pests - especially flying insects - disrupt livestock, but also spread disease. Way To Avoid Centipedes In Your Garden Surf Termite & Pest Control helps you get back to the centipedes that live around your house. The first step in the course of its elimination will be the destruction of possible feeding places and habitat. Check everything, wet and dark places, piles of mulch and wood warehouses, under large stones, benches, logs, and don't forget to inspect the greenhouse. Remove everything that can be removable, especially things like trash, whether it is thrown foliage or silage piles, landfills and rags. Once the field is clean, it's time to know if you really want to get rid of centipedes, which are very good at consuming other insect pests. If you simply do not want arthropods to get inside the house, you can surround it with earth diatoms or a synthetic barrier, and the process of creating these will be described below.  According to experienced gardeners, a wide strip of 5 to 6 feet will work. This will only be necessary in autumn when centipedes migrate and want to enter the house in search of food. Another way in which you can deal with centipedes, whether wild or not, is with the help of ultrasound repellents that are fashionable. Many such devices are listed as a universal treatment against the antagonists of this review, but they are not very reliable, according to experts. Are Centipedes Dangerous To Plants? Scientists believe that centipedes can attack plants in case of extreme hunger. However, unlike millipedes, house centipedes are not known for committing such crimes. According to the data, these species feel comfortable invading the greenhouses and feeding on your harvest, in winter they can even invade your house, so it is advisable to get rid of them. We Surf Termite & Pest Control use different method which helps you get free from centipedes Keep Your House Dry To Get Rid From Centipedes: Centipedes become dehydrated and die if they are not in a humid environment. Clean the basement, cabinets and any area where there may be moisture, in addition to using a dehumidifier. Place silica bags in the wettest areas of your home. Silica is an absorbent mineral that removes moisture from the air and soil. Look for silica bags in new shoes, for example, or buy a few for very little money. Leave them in the wettest areas of the house.Website: Address: 106 Fulham Pl Neptune City NJ 07753 Phone: 732-988-8865 Email: Hours: Monday: 8 am-5pm Tuesday: 8 am-5pm Wednesday : 8 am-5pm Thursday: 8 am-5pm Friday: 8 am-5pm Saturday: 8 am-2pm Additional Links: and-pest-control-neptune-2 Lat: 40.209652 Long: -74.045829