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Given the fact that Champagne Pools enjoys the top spot on the leading pool companies’ list, you have no reason to be wary of what we deliver as the final results. 40 years in the industry is sufficient to give you a clear picture of our ability. By considering that, you can rest assured that we have not only the skill but do understand what our customers are looking for when it comes to swimming pools as well.  Remember that swimming pools aren’t just built for the sake of it; they should be able to offer the much wished for comfort. As such, you have no reason to entrust this highly lucrative facility to anyone. You need to find a reliable and proven swimming pool contractor. This brings you right to our Champagne Pools team. We have the ability and great ideas to enable you to get what you have been missing for quite some time. Our innovative strategies and commitment are enough to deliver top quality results to you.  Inground pool types Well, it is time you added some value to your acquired property. So, where do you start? To be more precise, including an in-ground pool is the best way to get started. There is, actually, no more excellent way of having fun in your backyard and making it attractive to everyone than installing a swimming pool. Since you can’t go it solo, you need to find a reliable inground pool builder to hasten things up for you and your entire family. Quality is essential in this regard, and Champagne Pools ensures only that. We are highly experienced in: Fiberglass pools – This type of inground pools is easy and faster to install but has few shape design options.  Gunite/Shotcrete pools – As compared to the above, pools of this kind are highly durable and come with unlimited shape designs. Vinyl swimming pools – Apart from being durable, this type is faster to install and comes with unlimited stunning shape designs.  Find out what you need from your inground pool  For sure, your property requires face-lifting, and the inground pool builder you have engaged has to cope with the uneven or bushy ground to construct your desired pool. At this point, you need to find out the shape design and size of your pool and above all, its location.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started: In case you have a limited property, then you need to go for a smaller swimming pool. This is, particularly, if you wish to establish entertainment areas for enjoyment as well. In essence, you don’t need a big pool so as to derive fun from it.  In case your ground is not level, the people in charge must work hard to create your pool. Here, you need to discuss with your builders regarding the location, size and also the shape design that is suitable for your pool.  In case of any debris such as trees and plants, discuss the same with your builders to see if they can do the clearing or you need to get someone else to do it. Never, at all costs, overlook spa options as well as pool equipment. You will definitely have to acquire pumps, detached or attached hot tubs and heater – all of which must be installed somewhere. Champagne Pools can discreetly install them for you.