Blogger's Guide: Stop Making These Top 3 Mistakes When Choosing Domain Name

The domain name plays a crucial role when creating a website. What is a domain name?  Domain Name (DNS) is what identifies yourwebsite; An address used by the web user to look up your site within thousands to millions of website in the World Wide Web. It is used in URLs to find a specific web page. In order to identify you, you have to create a unique domain name. If you are starting a  blog  writing career and done with learning how to install a WordPress, then your next step is to create a domain name. Writing a DNS is quite challenging, but that does not mean you have to make mistakes when creating one. So, to help you create a domain name, there are a couple of top errors you should avoid when choosing the right DNS: Mistake 1: Choosing the wrong top-level domain name (TLD) There are two sets of DNS - the top-level domain name and the second-level domain name. TLD is what comes after the dot; For example,, the .com is what identifies the TLD. There are several types of TLD: • .com • .edu • .org • .mil • .biz • .co • .info • .net There more TLD that you can find, but the most common is the ".com". The common TLD mistakes are using ccTLD or country based TLDs. Mistake 2: Wrong spelling Due to excitement, sometimes people make mistakes in adding a wrong-spelled domain name. This usually happens if the  writer  had chosen a unique but complicated domain name; for example,, everyone is used to "john" and not "jhon"; so, pay attention in adding tricky names, this will cause loss of potential audience to your site.  Mistake 3: Making a domain name that is too common There are thousands of millions of sites on the World Wide Web, so there are chances that you want almost the same domain name with the other. Although the system will alert you if you have added an identical domain name, there are chances that five to ten sites will have the same name with yours. If you want a significant ranking in SEO or see a positive result with the best Wordpress analytics plugin you have, you must be unique as much as possible, but it should be easy to remember. There are other reliable guides that will teach you  how to choose a domain name  for your blog, so take note everytime They give advice. Final Words Creating domain name is crucial to your site's success; So, be clever and wise in creating one, because one mistake can lead to another.