Naughty and Nice Christmas Calendar - the amusement for couples

Well this is what I call a Christmas gift.. heheh... ;-) In paid collaboration with Kino Shopping (click for link) Do you want to spice up your sex life for Christmas times ;-)?  If this wasn’t a collaboration, this is the type of thing I would 100% have been amused to purchase and enjoy during Christmas times - an explorative sexy Christmas calendar. To have an extra reason during stressful times to have a mutual activity and go deep with each other in a playful, loving and pleasurable way. I have already tried a similar version last Christmas, but this years one is more updated, feels way more luxe and even how it is presented makes a big difference - it is actually not even comparable with last years edition. Its also high quality toys and equipment for both men and women. So every day until Christmas you can enjoy erotic and exciting products for her, him and the couple (in this case fits more to a heterosexual couple). One reason why I believe this is such a great idéa is that it fits any type of couple, the very explorative ones and the ones who haven’t explored much at all. It can even be of lots help when you would like to explore with your partner, but you for any reason feel blocked to suggest it. Many of us carries a lot of shame to even express to a partner what we would really like to explore, even to express what we really like, in fear of being judged. It took me years to fully express what my needs were and what I wanted to explore with no ounce of shame. With this box full of different varieties of toys, it will become more natural to explore all of the parts, and maybe you have had a wish to try an anal plug for a long time without daring to express it to your partner. Or a cock ring. Or something else. Of course I would always keep recommending searching within yourself of what is holding you back from expressing your true desires, and try to work with those. But if that step is too much straight away, the calendar will help you as your ”sex guide” and giving you suggestion of what to try together, so the request is not actually from you or the other.  Even though I have tried many toys in my days, its always fun to be guided on a specific day, this amusement of not knowing what is in the box of the day! And I love the fact of being told what to explore, its adds on so much more than just going to a sex toy shop and buy some new tools. And, I have to be honest from last year. Of course the calendar is not limited to do only during Christmas. We started in november a little bit before and then kept on for longer than expected, some days when the time wasn’t there we skipped one day and did it again the day after. So it is called a Christmas calendar, but do it in your own flow! No need for more stress. But if your problem is that you are never making time to be intimate with your partner, then this can also help to give a push to create time.  If something or some toy feels too intimidating, I have a recommendation. If its a clear no then its obviously a no. Boundaries is important so no one is forced to something they don’t want to try. Me and Manu work very different in our ”learning and exploring” processes. Me, I am open to try a new thing with him and I even enjoy to explore it with him. Him in his exploring mostly feel more comfortable if he can try it by himself first, and then we introduce it together. So if something feels a bit scary, try it by yourself and then you do it with your partner. But, it can also lay a lot of comfort to do it together if you feel safe with your partner - its all a matter of taste cause we work so differently. Communicate your needs to your partner - the KEY to everything ;-) Here is a little list of what the calendar is including:24 Sex toys and accessories in an elegant and luxurious calendar:8 x sex toys6 x lubricants and pharmacy products5 x soft bondage products5 x accessories and erotic gamesValue approx. SEK 4,500They have a Christmas Discount code: lovexmas – gives 100 Swedish crowns discount until the 30/11.  You find the Naughty And Nice Adventskalender 2020 ON THIS LINK Just a heads out - the reason why I start advertise this ALREADY in October, is that last year it got sold out very quickly, far before Christmas. So if you are tempted to get juicy with it this Christmas I wouldn’t wait too long. Happy exploring folks <3