An Impromptu Stew-poem by Jordan Trethewey

An Impromptu Stew In no mood to cook any food, the cupboard had odds and old ends, put water in pot, the stove made it hot, I invited over all of my friends. Nicky Knox brought an old pair of gym socks— ones with the big toes all worn out. Jenny McQueen had a can of sardines— at least it was not a whole trout. Catherine Bream found a tub of ice-cream— the kind filled with raisins and nuts. Tony Maroney's slice of baloney— should have settled all of our guts. It boiled and roiled, and bubbled like trouble making a pungent, malodorous steam. When it cooled off, and we sipped on the broth, we wished it was all a bad dream. Jordan Trethewey is a writer living in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada New chapbook release from Svensk Apache Press: THE CATARACTS OF CONFORMITY by Rob Plath. Illustrated by Janne Karlsson. Get your own copy at Lulu: you for supporting the underground arts.