STIR FRY BLUES-poem by Anggo Genorga

1-pack strumpor cookin my brain on what seems to be a very promising chemical only to be eaten by several hungry ghosts that lurks in the back of my head. I'm from the Philippines and working as a manager of a local band called Wonder Woman's Electric Bra. Recent writings can be found at Duane's Poetree, Outlaw Poetry Network, Paper And Ink Zine, Red Flag Poetry, In Between Hangovers, Dubai Poetics, The Odd Magazine and Walking Is Still Honest Poetry Press. Also at Empty Mirror, Mad Swirl, Guide To Kulchur Creative Journal, Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology and Verses Typhoon Yolanda, a book for benefit published by Meritage Press and the now defunct The Screech Owl and Dead Poem by Anggo Genorga Drawing by Janne Karlsson This poem was previously published in