Dance of the nights

Now I'm pretty certain blogs are dead and this blog is entirely dead. Anyway. I'm in Spain. I'm studying a master's. Not in Spain. I feel like I am on holiday now that my two elective courses are on undergraduate level. All the reading is so chill compared to the heavy reading on my compulsory courses of the master's program. The program does its job I guess, in challenging the mind in new ways. We are finally reading original work rather than summaries made by other authors. And if we are really going to be nerds about this, reading original works  should be better as we as students learn to trust our own interpretations of theories and ideas, thanks Heidegger and Gadamer for hermeneutics. Well, currently I'm studying two online courses on undergrad level, since I knew I'd be in Spain plus I wanted to have some time to relax as well. One day I'm sure I will have proper time off. But I'm enjoying my studying... well, ask me again in a few weeks when I'm complaining over texts that make no sense. Nah, I'm enjoying being out of the country, climbing, hiking, eating good food, drinking cheap (great) wine, and enjoying the daylight that reaches from 8am to 7pm. I'm grateful. My days persist of waking up when I want, being close to nature all the time, resting or climbing, studying, listening to a podcast about education research, doing some pilates or yoga in the sun. Pretty not bad.