Happiness is a butterfly

I am slowly but surely moving away from social media. No matter how I put, it sort of comes across like a little boring information, "who cares?" and a hipster move. Going against the crowd trying to be cool and stay outside the social landscape. I feel the same during this past week when it's been around 30 degrees outside, and I quietly murmur "... I like the heat" while others complain to me about it. I enjoy it, I ain't gonna lie. But it seems like one of those things that people would think "of course she does, has to go against the crowd". People probably don't think that way. I'm an expert overthinker, and an expert on sensing other people's energies. So there's that. I am genetically also, probably, more likely to be able to endure hot weather, and so I don't totally stop functioning as soon as the temp hits above 28. My body and joints feel soft rather than stiff and achey. And social media absence is mainly related to mental health. All I think about when I try to post something is "who really benefits from this?". I shall keep the answer to myself. But truth is, I feel much more grounded and present in the moment, in everyday life, when I don't post. I definitely feel the pressure of showing the best side always. Of course I see the appeal and the not-problems of socials also. I'm just not fit for it mentally, it robs me of the focus on the present moment. Here I am though, blogging still. So there's a slight grey area in social media. For me, it's just the darn endless scrolling that I want to avoid and the obsessing over showing my life from the very best parts. And just to be clear: this is just my point of view of how I feel about social media at this moment in time.  Perhaps this will be my social media outlet while I'm on an indefinite Instagram pause? The fact that I am writing about my staying clear of Instagram and making it an issue says something about my relation to social media. My mental health is not cut out for it!