Saturday stu-dying

Concentrate. The hardest part of all things study-related is managing to stay focused. I have worked out a system in form of a personal schedule with frequent breaks. However, this schedule doesn't work right now. I'm still contracted to work another two weeks. It doesn't sound as much, but like most people I also have 24 hours a day and I simply can't fit 40+ hours of studying, 20 hours of work and then remember to live in-between. Can I push to do it? Of course, I've done it for years. The question, though, isn't whether or not I can do it but rather if I want to do it. The simple answer is Hell to the NO. I do not want to work more than 40 hours because I don't need to. I don't want to. Because doing so has literally not resulted in anything positive whatsoever. Bachelor's in 2 years? Who cared? Working almost full time in the mean time? Who cares? I thought they were accomplishments. They weren't. Well yes the degree is. But rushing it wasn't. Instead I made myself ill. So in the end, I have learnt a valuable lesson. If it ain't worth it - don't do itSo now I have to concentrate on doing all this crap - but only for two more weeks. I made the best decision to quit my job and only focus on university. It is already more than a full time commitment. I didn't know what I expected but I guess I should have seen it coming. Two essays due the same time, 15 pages single space, all the while we still have reading for lectures and seminar questions and discussions to prepare for. It's madness. With all this stuff to do plus the one thing I really don't want to do (work) I am paralysed. I just can't get myself to do any of it - study nor work. I do trust my ability to panic-write essays. But it's rarely of quality when you write over 10 pages in 2 days. So, today I am at campus. Hopefully write at least 3 pages, Wish me luck.