September, 2021

Right, here we are again. I had to google wether blogging was still a thing in 2021 and apparently it is. So here's another millennials view on life and stuff. Work life balance. That is supposed to be a thing to strive for. It sounds healthy. The thing is though, there is this invisible pressure to not have pressure in life, the pressure to find that work-life balance and "how to find it". BLAH. Let's call it meta-pressure. Here's an example. I have part-time work, a full-time masterprogram, a hobby and a few select friends. University takes up 35-40 hours a week. Part-time work is roughly 20 hours a week (flexible hours, but I've not yet received work which meet this flexible time schedule so I'm bound to office hours), and then weekend shenanigans with climbing. Now, I have obvisouly chosen to study because I enjoy what I learn. As for my job, it is the perfect job to work my way up in my field of choice. Also most of us know from this pandemic, the struggle that came with losing jobs and then try getting a new job. It wasn't easy. So yes, I want to hold onto this good job that I have, because I'm not sure what else could possibly meet the same criteria? The stress of not having a job for economic purposes is nothing compared to the dreaded WORK EXPERIENCE. You know "have 5 years of work experience in specified field, right after graduation". Misson impossible. So yep, I'm probably a little overwhelmed by all my work-work balance. But I have my sacred weekends as free time. That has to count for some type of luxury. In the ideal world there would be balance like those scales that weigh evenly, but in real post-pandemic world, we need to find what balance is for us personally and roll with it. I wake up early, enjoy yoga or pilates depending on the feeling that day and then get to work. Exercise and downtime is what keeps me sane.