Dubai Taxi Fares through Nol and Dubai Credit Cards

There is good news for people who use Dubai Taxi often; they can now pay their taxi fares through Nol cards from Jan 2014 and onwards. This news is confirmed by the officials and will be communicated through newspapers soon. Abdullah Al Madani, CEO RTA, said that the customers will be able to pay their fares through UAE Credit Card as well. Currently the passengers have to carry change and smaller denominations for commuting through Taxi in Dubai, as they can only pay through Cash right now. What are Dubai Nol Cards? Nol cards are issued by RTA that has the ability to be topped-up with cash payment. These cards are used to pay fares of public transport in Dubai, including: Water Buses, Dubai Metro & Public Buses. Furthermore, through them, the Dubai residents can pay their parking charges as well. Mr. Al Madani further confirmed that, the passengers will be able to pay their fares through smart phones as well, for that to work; the Smartphone will need to support the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which is commonly used in Mobile Payment systems. This news was spread across during the Gitex Technology Fair held in Dubai recently, which saw a very active participation from RTA and several other government entities as well. Dubai Taxi Corporation, which is a major part of the RTA, and operates approximately 3,800 Taxis, has always been the pioneer of latest technology innovations in UAE. Dubai Nol Cards work more like a Debit card, which has pre-deposited money in it. When you pay your fare through Nol Card, the money is deducted from your Nol Balance. Almost everyone living in UAE, these days have a Nol card, mainly because it is heavily used in Dubai Metro. Mr. Ali Madani said that since the launch of Dubai Metro, back in 2009, almost 5 Million Nol cards have been produced, and their daily usage count has been exceeding 1,500,000, reported by Indo Poker site. Similarly the passengers will have the option of using their Dubai Credit Cards in Dubai to pay for Taxi fares, with an additional option of giving a tip to the Taxi driver. This is definitely an exciting add-on that RTA is going to provide its customer; it will not only ease up the payment process, but will help the customers in managing and recording their expenses in a nice way as well.