UAE Credit Cards Are Now Used on Dubai Petrol Stations

Now the Vehicle owners can pay their fuel charges through Credit cards as well at the pumps in Dubai and other Northern Emirates. Two patrol companies, Emarat and Enoc have started accepting credit cards as the payment method at the petrol stations, with an additional charge of 2 AED per transaction. Eppco was the first one to resume accepting the credit cards as payment methods back in July 2013. While Emarat and Enoc have started this practice in August. Patrol Firms stopped accepting UAE Credit Cards back in October 2007. The major reason communicated at that time was that banks were putting on unreasonable charges against the petrol firms, which put extra burden on them while accepting credit card transaction on pumps. "Thus gas stations are excluded from the 2012 Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection's decision, which prohibits imposing additional fees for using credit cards to purchase a commodity," the ministry said reported by 1SPoker. Mr. Al Shehi said that it is of course optional for the consumer to use a credit card in Dubai for petrol purchases or not. This will give the consumer a complete freedom to either buy patrol through cash or credit card and pay a 2 AED surcharge. He further mentioned that filling the fuel in a vehicle is a service, and not considered a commodity; hence the ministry would allow the service provider to deduct a fee upon purchase of patrol through credit card in Dubai. The fee of 2 AED is constant for all purchases irrespective of the amount of fuel purchased. The ministry has also requested the consumers to inform the ministry immediately if they are charged more than 2 AED in the name of the service charge on credit card purchases. Both Emarat & Eppco have been accepting all major UAE credit cards now since August 2013. According to unofficial estimations, the UAE market has more than 8 million credit cards floating around by the end of 2013, with a total spending amount exceeding 150 billion. Since many tourists and businessmen visit the UAE, especially Dubai, very often, and they prefer using Credit Cards instead of cash; this seems as a very viable and long term decision that will benefit almost everyone, the consumers, the banks and petrol companies.