Tour London : Folklore

One morning of the blog tour we all headed to the Folklore shop in Islington, a beautiful little space filled with so much good stuff, and dove right in to their carefully arranged shelves and  displays to compose a few styled pictures with our favourite products. Susanna worked her magic both with the camera and styling, helping the  rest of us create something we could be proud of. The results you can see here. As we stepped into the shop we were greeted with the words ”- If there is any product you are interested in, please ask, they all have great stories behind them.” I realized that  certainly seemed to be true, listening to stories like the one about the designer behind a stool dyed with squid ink telling a little boy that they got the ink out ”by tickling the  squids”.  Looking around the shelves here you will discover that all  products are very carefully selected, handmade under fair conditions and with sustainability regarding both style and materials in mind.