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This is a viable alternative to the traditional large scale crusher approach. But, never has that been further from the truth than now. The Red Rhino Products range starts with the 750kg 2000 series increasing in size to the 10,000kg 7000 series. Output can vary from 10mm to 140mm depending on the settings of the jaw crusher. Material; that is rocks, bricks, kerbstones etc. The world market is now focused on recycling concrete. The construction industry currently produces 120 million tonnes of waste every year. Around 20 million tonnes of this waste ends up in landfill with no reuse and no intrinsic value.  There has been a view in the construction industry that crushing concrete is really only for the large scale stationary crushers. There are now crushers which are tailor made for this role, and the high portability of the best available crusher equipment from Red Rhino really comes into its own in such situations., entering the top become progressively crushed as they slip down into the 'V' until they are small enough to fall through the gap at the bottom.  Mini cone crusher can get into the smallest of places and crush site concrete in-situ and exactly where it's needed. In financial terms the UK is spending £4bn annually to dump waste in the nation's landfill sites.  Hongxing concrete crushing products work on a very simple action that calls for two jaws, set in a 'V' shaped notch configuration, to be powered together. The running costs are in the £100's not £1000's per year. Jason says he receives internet enquiries from all over the world. Increasing EU pressure is forcing all businesses to consider how they handle their construction waste. The crushing market is set to grow still further, bucking the general trend of the construction industry. But it's not just in the UK market that is taking off for them. The size of the finished material is governed by Putzmeister Spare Parts Manufacturers in China the width of the gap at the bottom. Jason Purllant, Sales and Marketing Manager, of Red Rhino has reported recently that, with the increasing pressure to recycle waste, sales volumes of their plant are increasing rapidly. We have a range of crushers to suit every application and budget. Our most popular machine is the 5000 series which boasts a massive 20 tonnes per hour capacity, yet will fit easily on the back of standard 3 tonne rated plant trailer. Any construction project over £300,000, by law, now has to have a written statement how they intend to handle the waste they will produce from the project. Why continue to pay all those costs? They are currently very high, and are rising, with increasing landfill tax and fuel costs, when you can crush your own concrete and re-use the crushed material, or better still - sell it? In many cases, in financial terms, it means that crushing just 15 tonnes of rubble can easily save at least £600 compared to dumping it. Crushing concrete on site with a mini crusher is very viable and makes strong financial sense. Existing Red Rhino owners have recognized that purchasing and maintaining a mini crusher can really save them money.