7 Habits Of Highly Successful Minnesota Daters

They Know Why They Are Dating This should be number one on your “things to do” list when you are single and in the dating world. Are you dating for fun, are you looking for a long term relationship, marriage? Maybe you just want something to do on Friday nights but are not ready to be committed to anyone. Whatever your reason, whatever you hope to gain is fine-as long as you have a clear understanding of what that is. It’s like with anything in life, if we have no purpose or direction we are wandering around aimlessly and many times go around in circles and vague goals lead to vague results. I talk about this more in depth here. They Communicate Their Expectations Great daters not only know what they want, they can easily communicate that to people they date . Being able to effectively communicate your expectations Is essential in all human interaction whether it be mother to child, boss to employees, friend to friend, or sister to sister. When there are unclear or unmet expectations there is conflict. When you make them clear, you have done your part, and that’s all you can do. Practice communicating. They Always Keep Their Options Open I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- NEVER commit to a man that hasn’t committed to you! I don’t care what kind of potential he has, I don’t care what his reasons are for not committing to you, I don’t care if he near god status-don’t do it. I’ve watched as women stood faithfully by a man as he “sowed his oats” claiming that he was just “not ready” for a relationship. These women actually think they have a relationship with him. If you don’t have the title, you don’t have a boyfriend. Read more about titles here. Keep your options open, I promise you it will save you heartache like never before. And usually when a man says he’s not ready for a relationship he means he’s not ready to be in a relationship with you. Practice restraint, he is still dateable, but keep things in perspective. Minnesota Single Know Their Deal Breakers And Stick To Them This is pretty self explanatory, know what you DON’T want or can’t deal with, and stick with it. Write them down, carry them with you on your Minnesota dates, keep them close! To learn more about creating your deal breakers read this. To be an effective dater, you’ll need these, and you’ll have to have the courage to stick with them. Minnesota Daters Are Realistic Highly effective daters know that it takes two to tango, that there are two sides to every story. They don’t have expectations of prince charming riding up on his white horse and sweeping them away. It’s okay to want a man who is romantic and will sweep you off your feet, but truth is all people are imperfect, even prince charming has flaws. Don’t sit back and expect every man to break down doors to get to you and make mountains move to be with you-nice thought, but not reality for MOST Minnesota people although there are exceptions. You are a large factor in the dating process. No magical formula, you can make your experiences great or miserable. To be highly effective at dating you’ll have to take a little responsibility, this is no fairytale, this is real life. They Are Excellent Socializers Dating is simply a form of socializing. It’s being able to carry a conversation, being funny and witty, being a great host, being able to adapt to different social settings. Those who are confident are usually the best at this, and those who are great at dating, usually posses confidence by the boatload. Good news! Confidence can be learned and with a little practice, even the most shy and withdrawn women can turn around and be a confident socializer! Read more about how here. Minnesota Single Men and Women Have Fun I love this habit because you are not enjoying what you are doing then what’s the point? I’m a lush and an over-indulger I admit, but I squeeze every bit of fun out of everything I can in life and dating is no different. I wouldn’t like dating either if I made it miserable for myself! Let go of your bitterness, your doubts, all the negative and realize that life is what you make it and so is dating! I write a little more about this in Date Him! You’ll enjoy that read! Always remember love is intangible, but dating is not. It can be taught, learned,and mastered! You’re on your way!