Dating Rule : Here Are Three Reasons You Should Read This Post.

1) It will change your dating life completely.2) It will improve your dating game tremendously.3) You’ll find that you get your way with people a lot more often.Now, why do i give 3 reasons and not 10, or 1? It’s really simple actually, and there’s a psychological reason behind it all that would absolutely astound you.Life Comes In Threes Everything in life comes in threes, if you notice. There is <the trinity (for Christians)>,<1, 2, 3, Go> ,<Ready(1), Set(2), Go(3)> ,<Red(1), Orange(2) and Green(3) at traffic lights>,<Beginning(1), Middle(2) and End(3)>,<Famous trilogies> and<Bronze(1), Silver(2) and Gold(3) medalists>.A lot of what life throws at you are grouped into threes, and thus, this results in us subconsciously feeling that everything that comes in threes would feel “right”. When something comes in twos, it feels like it’s “1 short” and when it comes in fours, it feels like it’s “1 too many”. So the perfect number? 3.How Can This Help My Dating Game?This can help your dating game in one simple way : To persuade someone you’re in the right by giving them 3 reasons. This is because when you give 3 reasons, it feels “just right” to the other person, and increases your chances hugely.This can come in the form of persuading a girl and giving her 3 reasons why she should go out with you (compared to the 100 reasons i’m pretty sure you’ve have planned out already), to giving your girlfriend 3 reasons why you should stay at home for the huge soccer match (again, i know you’ve came out with a 101 reasons, but 3 would be best here).Happy No-More-Brainstorming!Yup! For all you people out there who hate brain storming for  100 reasons to convince someone, congratulations! All you have to do now is to present 3 good reasons and you’ll increase your chances dramatically (: Godspeed on your quests in convincing people you’re right my friends (: You’re welcomed to ask any questions you might have -grins.There’s a way we can subconsciously draw someone closer to us without them fully knowing what hit them. This can be done by using this one word more often in your conversations with them. It has tremendously strong effects and does wonders. So, what exactly is this word?It sounds like “me” and rhymes with “tea”.Still have no clue? Well, it starts with a “w” and ends with an “e”. Yup! You got that right, the word’s “womanthrope“. Okay kidding, it’s “we“. When inserted correctly throughout various conversations with the girl / guy you fancy, they’ll be more inclined in thinking of you two as an item because that’s what the word “we” suggests.-horrible tendency to rhyme words strikes-Don’t use “you and me”Just use “we”.And you’ll finally see,How you can find glee,For thee!There are many unwritten rules on how to enter someone’s personal space and in this chapter, we will discuss some of the dos and don’ts regarding this topic. Previously on Loveawake dating site I wrote another rather similar topic on “The Dangers Of Power Plays“, this is a continuation from it. So all the best and thread safely (: Men’s dos and don’ts : Avoid sitting or standing immediately alongside a woman, at least to start with. Women feel most at ease and comfortable when men approach them from the front, not from the side or from behind as that almost feels as if you’re sneaking up on them. Once contact has been established, from the front of course, they would feel most comfortable if the men then moves to one side to continue the conversation. Also, avoid sitting or standing alongside a woman you are interested in and attracted to. It is very much easier to flirt across a dinner table and research has proven that the ideal position is when you’re diagonally opposite each other. Women’s dos and don’ts : This part is almost the exact opposite from how a man should approach a woman. Women should try not to approach men full face, basically, from the front; they find this potentially threatening and challenging. Approach a man from the side and then slowly move round to face him if you wish to turn the romantic heat up. Lastly, like in the previous chapter, it is crucial that you avoid dominance and power plays.