Expatriates and Personality

As you would know, your preference of colors can give an insight to your personality. So, when you are dating an expatriate person, maybe it is wise to find out his favorite color?I have an expatriate friend who is dating a guy whose favorite color is blue. Well, I suppose most guys do like that color. But my friend told me that a “blue” person is someone who is charming, and likes to be understood. So, in a way, such a person can be communicative or has a lot to say. The negative traits, though, is that he can be indecisive and send out mixed signals when under pressure.Jeddah Expatriates Bahrain Expatriates Jubail  Expatriates Saudi Arabia Expatriates Riyadh Expatriates Dammam Expatriates Madinah Expatriates Yanbu Expatriates Khobar Expatriates Jizan  Expatriates Rabigh Expatriates Indonesia Expatriates Makkah ExpatriatesThat brings up my friend’s predicament. She doesn’t know where she stands in the relationship because her expat partner is giving her conflicting signals and seems undecided whether to bring the relationship to a more serious level. So, she tells me that the personality of a “blue” person fits the person she is currently dating to a tee.OK, I do like blue as well. And I also like white. What does white represent? I think we can guess, right? White is about purity. So, expatriate people who like white tend to be clean and organized. Am I like that? To a certain extent, yes. I like things to be clean and orderly in a way. Once the house is in a mess, I can get quite irritated by it. Not that my place is very organized and everything is where it should be, but I do have my standards.So, if you are dating right now, find out his favorite color. Then maybe you can understand him a little better!Do you want to tell guys about your Dad’s death to get sympathy?  Really think that one through, because I’m going to say that part of your desire to tell people about this has little to do with you wanting to be comfortable and more to do with you wanting to talk about your Dad’s death. Which is normal and okay. You’re trying to process something incredibly difficult. This isn’t going to be something that you ever really get past. The ramifications of what your Dad did will have a ripple effect that lasts a very long time. When my Dad died, I definitely felt like I didn’t get enough sympathy or concern from loved ones and friends. That’s the downside of being single when you’re going through a major traumatic event. Everybody has their stuff going on and you don’t want to add to it. A lack of a phone call from one girlfriend after both my father and step-mother died last year a few months apart made me cut her out of my life completely. There were definitely times when I found myself telling men what was going on in my life due to my Dad’s death and all the drama that ensued when his probate case started and my step-mom died a few months after him. I didn’t have many people to talk about it with, so I used those opportunities to get it out and get the sympathy. Which isn’t to imply that I didn’t have people to turn to in my life.