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This one is for me...or perhaps my wife, I really don't know. I have been lying to myself and therefore lying to all of you. Everything in the Workingdan home is not all hunky-dory. My marriage is in shambles. I have fooled myself into thinking it wasn't. Shame on me I suppose. I apologize for my dishonesty, though unintentional. I still claim to be the world's most honest craiglist man.I probably shouldn't be writing right now with the amount of anger that is coursing through my body. I always told myself that no matter what happens, I will never say anything bad about my wife on here. I'm afraid I might slip up today...though I will continue to resist the urge to do so.Those of us who are married all know that in order for a marriage to be successful, sacrifices must be made. I feel that since our recent falter, I have made what I would consider to be significant sacrifices. I have gone from drinking over a case of beer a week and cut that down to just six. I have gone from smoking weed each and every single day to basically not at all. Once a week...if I'm lucky.Back to the drinking for just a moment. Since we got married, I never really drank for the sole purpose of getting drunk...except for the very rare occasion that we attend a party.  And actually being drunk was a rare occasion. I see no harm in having one or two beers after a hard day's work to wind down and relax. My father, on the other hand, was a raging drunk. I always told myself that I would never let myself end up like him. And up until now I thought I was doing a pretty damn good craiglist job of it. How could I end up like him if I don't get drunk?Knoxville personals Phoenix personals SF personals Miami personals Morgantown personals New Hampshire personals Las Vegas personals Omaha personals Well it seems my marriage is going to the shitter so I guess I am my father's son, whether I can prevent it or not. But seriously, what the fuck is the major problem with a beer or two after a long day at work? You can throw the word denial in my face all you want. I've been through the programs. I've heard all the stupid phrases they tell you. Stuff like "If it causes problems, then its a problem." Bullshit I say!If she thinks just a couple of beers is causing problems then I say she has control issues. I'm not a drunk. I'm a guy who just wants to relax. What's the harm in that? Since my major cutback, I have been nothing but cranky. And I resent her for it. If she is worried that I will end up like my dad, she is dead wrong and should have realized that by now.Let's talk weed. I can understand her position on this. I mean it is illegal and we have kids so it shouldn't be in the house. But this is hard for me. I would much rather give up drinking than this. That is where all my creativeness comes from. It helps me think, keeps my brain more active. Along with relaxing me, easing any body pain I may have, keeps me focused, puts me in a cheerful mood, enhances my thirst for knowledge, (but ironically makes me thirsty) does not impair my driving...unlike alcohol, prevents depression, cures cancer, etc..But whatever...it's illegal, therefore it's bad. In my opinion though, it is alcohol that should be illegal. Alcohol is the real killer, killing innocent people every day. You don't ever hear about people getting in fatal car accidents for driving while stoned, do you? Los Angeles craiglist personals Louisville craiglist personalsDidn't think so.Sacrifice...a necessity for any marriage. But just how much should we have to sacrifice in order to please our loved ones? I love the person I am today so why change it? I would do anything for my wife, I love her dearly. But I have to draw the line somewhere. Is it worth making myself miserable just so someone else can be happy?The only problem I see with my drinking is that someone wants it to be a problem. I'm sure most of you know how things work. Like when you are told you can't have something, it just makes you want it more. I think the wife is opening up a Pandora's box trying to strip me of my simple pleasures. Simple pleasures. Let's touch on that for just a moment. In this day and age with the economic crisis, many of us have learned to find joy in the more simple things in life. My list of simple pleasures is as follows...food, sex, football, my kids, beer, and weed, and more recently, blogging. Just give me those things and I'm good. But take them away from me and you end up with a grumpy man who is developing anger issues. Those are the seven points of happiness to me....and I don't think it's too much to ask for a working class grunt like myself.Is two beers really that big of a deal? Or am I just too blind to see how it could possibly ruin a marriage?I just don't see how I could be a drunk if I'm never drunk. I don't deny that I am an alcoholic. But not like my father was and I know for a fact that I never will be. He paid the ultimate price to teach me that lesson. God rest his soul, his final lesson was his best.I drink Coors light for fuck's sake. That way if I decide to have more than two, I will still be sober. I'm curious to see what kind of feedback I get from this post. I'm sure I will see words like denial and anger. But to be quite honest, I'd rather not. It would take a miracle amount of convincing to make me believe that having a beer or two a day is wrong. But I will tell you now...just because I am angry with my craiglist wife doesn't give you the right to say anything bad about her. If you do, I will have your ass on a plate so fast you will be eating yourself for dinner and won't even know it till its too late!That's all for now. I think I made it through without bashing the wife on here so I guess that's a success.Thank you and craiglist safely my friends!