pay attention to the matching charger

pay attention to the matching charger When charging a new car or a new battery, you must use a qualified charger that matches the battery. Do not use chargers with different voltages at will to prevent damage to the charger or battery due to mismatch of electrodes, voltage, and current. This can easily lead to overcharging or undercharging of the battery, resulting in battery capacity decay and excessive water loss. Looking for conference rooms rental in Hong Kong? Commons provides excellent rental services to companies and entrepreneurs with different budgets. Suitable for all types of meetings and purposes. Regular maintenance. After purchasing an electric car, be sure to regularly check the battery for abnormalities, eliminate possible hidden troubles, and protect your driving safety. Reduce battery memory effect, choose from our parts of battery management. Heisener provides a wide range of quality parts for integrated circuits. Avoid losing power and overcharging Avoid losing power or overcharging of electric vehicle batteries, both of which will shorten the battery life. Usually use electric vehicles to avoid excessive discharge, such as frequent acceleration or climbing operations. Of course, it is necessary to avoid long-term storage. For the time being, it is recommended to charge once a month. Therefore, whether it is a lead-acid or lithium battery electric vehicle, we must ensure the correct charging posture! Intelligent charging pile, with intelligent protection measures, overload power-off protection, when the electric vehicle with a large amount of current is charged at the charging pile, the machine will automatically recognize the battery power, and perform the overload power-off protection function, which can effectively prevent excessive current potential safety hazards. When the battery is fully charged, the charging pile will automatically detect the charging status. When the electric vehicle is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging and power off the charging socket, thereby protecting the battery of the electric vehicle and extending the service life. The correct charging method can ensure that the battery does not lose power or prevent overcharging, extend the battery life, and ensure travel safety! Looking and cloud solutions? related articles: Why electric vehicles did not choose lead-acid batteries Lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles Lithium battery fully automated production line How to charge the battery better Correct charging method can make the battery more durable