Smart sensors can help the elderly in place

Smart sensors can help the elderly in place After living at home for many years, becoming the center of memory with friends and family, even if the daily work becomes more difficult, few elderly people are willing to uproot. In a study by the American Association of Retired persons, more than 85% of respondents over 65 said they wanted to stay at home as long as possible. However, nearly two-tenths of seven out of ten Americans claimed that they felt difficult to live independently or could not complete their daily work without the help of caregivers or community resources. Compare different touch screen controllers and touch screen light switch panel from Heisener. Request a real-time quote with competitive prices. The Internet of Things is a network of connected devices embedded with sensors and represents a breakthrough that can help seniors maintain independence. There are many emerging IoT applications that can help seniors stay healthy and safe, but there is little involvement of caregivers. As the population ages, these innovations become more and more important: The US Census predicts that by 2030, one in five Americans will be 65 or older. The sensor is getting smaller and more cautious, and it can help track older people ’s intake of drugs and water by automatically reordering their favorite groceries and cleaning supplies, monitor their houses, and even save them from going out Time to travel. Drug compliance One of the most pressing problems that IoT technology can solve is monitoring the drug consumption of the elderly. For caregivers and medical professionals, drug compliance is a huge challenge. patients who do not take their medicines on time (or at all) not only risk their health, but can also place a heavy burden on the health care system. According to the 2014 Risk Management and Healthcare policy report, non-compliant drugs cost the healthcare system US $ 10 to 300 billion annually. Reasons for violations include forgetting to take medication or forgetting to take medication in time, or refusing to take medication due to refusal of illness or avoiding side effects. Find your best fit in different style from JND Water, a Chinese supplier with exceptional quality and credibility. related articles: Smart home hub control Smart home and Internet of Things What are the benefits of installing home lighting on the network Sensor function pack NON-SWITCHABLE LIGHTING IN SMART HOMES