In the event that you have ever gotten one of those vouchers, (Mastercard, Visa, and American Express have every bank advancing them intensely at occasions) you may have found that they are exceptionally hard to utilize.  Certainly, the sponsors need you to trust that your Citibank, Bank of America, Commerce or whatever your bank's name is Gift Card is anything but difficult to utilize anyplace. By and by, in any case, most stores, especially eateries, have a great deal of issue with these cards and, regardless of whether you figure out how to utilize it, here and there be close difficult to utilize the unused part. With the fixed majority of them terminating (IE, the bank starts taking the cash back) somewhere in the range of a half year to a year after they are issued,  Note: You can pay your eBay Fees using eBay Gift Card. If you need eBay gift card then I suggest you read complete article on Official Link - *** On the chance that you resemble me, you need to pay those dollars or pennies left on that card. In any case, never fear! Regardless of whether there are just a couple of pennies left on your gift voucher, you can apply any add to your eBay account, then make sure you get used to each and every drop of your skilled cash and that the bank doesn't get The chance to keep a penny of it.  This procedure can be somewhat precarious so it will go through the well ordered beneath.  Kindly note that the affiliate strategy will work regardless of how your eBay account is set up to pay your bill and will work as well as paying the card. The same works for both blessing credit and charge cards, regardless of how minimal expenditure is left on the record.  1. In the first place, decide what amount is left on the gift voucher. In the event that the gift voucher is unused, this will be entirely basic as it will say it on the card itself. On the off chance you have used a bit of it (or in the event it is past the lapse date and they have started to take part of the cash back) you should check with the issuing bank what amount is left. Investigate your gift voucher. They all element either a site, telephone number or both where you can check how much cash is left on the card. Record this outstanding sum precisely to the penny. (Note: these cards put a "hold" on the cash for each fizzled endeavor to utilize it. On the off chance that you endeavor to return home and do this procedure after simply having the card come up short at a store,  2. Sign into your eBay account .  3. Go to My eBay> My Account> Seller Account.  4. Under eBay Seller Fees , tap the connection called "One-time installment utilizing PayPal or another installment technique." (Note that it is best to do this privilege before your typical auto-install occurs if eBay gives you trouble with this procedure if your equalization is zero.)  5. On the following screen, there is the alternative to pay through PayPal. Disregard this. Beneath this crate, there is a connection called " Pay with your charge card. " Click this connection.  6. You might be requested to sign in once more. Do as such when inquired.  7. The following screen will be pre-filled with your present Visa on record. Under the install box, click "Utilize an alternate Mastercard."  8. In the installation box, write in the correct number that we got in the initial step. For me, that's $ 7.35.  9. Presently fill in all gift voucher subtleties as you would for any other Mastercard buy .  10.Continue and afterward approve this one time installment.  You are good to go. Presently eBay has taken my $ 7.35 and have been able to get rid of this annoying card with the fulfillment that the bank didn't recover that cash. In the event that you have extra cards, you can return and rehash the same number of times as you like. This will not affect any of your orders after the assets from the platinum card.