The weekend kicked off on Friday, when I woke up with a fuzzy little nugget on my head.  Walk time! Short, loose fitting dress and comfy shoes for me. Birthday suit and harness for Leo :)))  We walked down to Paris plage, where Leo suddenly got super interested by something in the water. It was a BIG fish!! We both stood by, fascinated until it swam away.  Fast forward a few hours, we were at Chris and Kats. Rory showed off his best stuffed animals.  Kat put out snacks, cheese and charcuterie in my ❤ We headed out to their courtyard, it's so lovely there! A completely peaceful spot in the middle of the city. Rory kept watch, just in case.  We were there for Nicks birthday celebration! He had brought his favourite scotch. I loved the whole setup, with the ice bucket, the tongs, the tray. Beautiful.  In the middle of the festivities I hopped on the metro and headed home to feed and walk little fuzzy nugget again. Bettered my lipstick and headed straight back out again.  And I came back to a tower of pizza!!! :D  This guy was a tad interested to say the least...  A blurry crew after hours of scotch in the sun, haha.  A really fun night that ended with foam at the Galway! As Fridays sometimes do..  On Saturday D. and I woke up feeling slightly fragile. We managed to pick ourselves up enough for Wall-E at the outdoor cinema though! Brought loaded sandwiches, cosy blankets, cushions and snuggled up on the grass. Beautiful movie to see outdoors. The space scenes, mmmm.  Sunday! Leo was ready for a fun day :D Vide grenier time! LOVE vide greniers. I made some finds and even got some stuff thrown in for free, I think that was mostly thanks to Duncan's charms though..  Met a couple of puppies who were hiding behind a clothes rack ❤ When we were all vide grenier-ed out we headed back home, made pasta for dinner and watched a movie. A perfect weekend really.