The past few days have been quiet. August is always pretty dead in Paris, and it's been raining so we've spent most of our time at home. But not Thursday night! On Thursday night we went out! Come along!  It wasn't raining this particular night, we met up by St Michel and sat down by the river with wine in plastic cups.  It was Duncan, myself and Nick to start with.  We tortured Nick with an impossible music quiz for the first two hours, hehehe. A lot of fun for D. and I, mostly frustrating for poor Nick.  Then Marion and Clemence joined!  With pizza! Crap picture, but you get it. Wine, pizza and friends along the Seine in August. Who could ask for anything more?  Nick had to stand and eat like this to avoid being rude and turning his back to anyone, haha.  When it got chilly, we were out of wine and I desperately needed to use the toilet we wandered up to The Galway. Good old Galway.  The night ended late at Highlander, the place where it all started ten years ago... yes, Duncan and I met (at the highlander) ten years ago! How quickly did the past decade go??? Bit terrifying.  At 5AM we were off and I sent this lovely goodnight to Marion, haha. Fun night! Today it's grey and rainy, but I'm voting for a swim in the canal anyway. :))))