Yesterday I baked focaccia!  And made pesto! First pesto ever and I decided to wing it completely, toast the pine nuts and do everything by hand (pestle and mortar style). Went all in, but it paid off! It was delicious!  Also pickled some cucumber. We had more than we were going to finish so pickling seemed like the right choice, I'm tempted to just pickle pretty much everything these days.. so yummy.  Pickled onions are still a favourite, so pretty and pink as well.  Had a starter of focaccia dipped in pesto followed by veggie burgers with halloumi and aubergine. YUM. Spent the rest of the evening playing Trivial Pursuit, listened to cheesy 80s music and watched Rocky Horror. Good night!  Today after breakfast I popped on a velvet dress and docs, I was ready for an adventure!  We were off to the zoo!  I admired the plants as much as I did the animals 😍 "Not drinking water", no shit! 🤣 I was very happy about this outing. I. Love. The. Zoo.  Hi Pumba!  A baby giraffe in the distance 😻 born on july 3rd, still tiny!  The penguins (or manchots) were super close!  After a couple of hours we waved goodbye to the animals and headed home! Now I'm gonna cook up some pasta for the rest of yesterdays pesto, then it's time for movie night chill. Hope you've had a good start to the week friends!