This week I spent a couple of days in Stockholm. It was all very last minute, for my grandmothers funeral. Something I'm not going to write about in any great detail, as it will make me cry. Tried to make the rest of my stay light and with happy memories, let's look at those instead. Landed late on Tuesday night, cuddled with Egon ❤ After the service we had a moment at home before the rest of the family came over. I washed my face, changed into comfy wear and laid down on the balcony.  We spent the evening together, eating Indian (as a nod to grandpa who lived in India for a long time), talking memories and looking at pictures. Was woken up on Thursday by this cuddly one.  Mum and I geared up for a swim after breakfast.  I wore grandmas old bathing suit ❤ Hung out with the cats for a bit.  And then came the rain... normally I don't mind swimming in the rain (I actually kind of love it), but this was a proper thunderstorm. We would have been soaked and chilled to the bone before we'd even made it down to the water.  So I got changed again, grabbed an umbrella and headed out to meet Sophia instead ❤ I love the communal garden by mom's building, full of flowers and greenery.  Had a fika with Sophia, which was lovely. She's one of my oldest, and still very best friends. I miss her all the time. Come visit soon please!! I had some time to pass before we met up so I went to some of my favourite second hand stores, found a book I've been looking for along with two other books (oops, hehe) and a cozy, long sweater. I'm ready for autumn :)))  On my way back home I picked up Beyond Burger patties for Duncan! You can't get them in supermarkets in France yet (here's hoping) so I had promised to bring some back with me. We tried them yesterday, and WOW! Honestly, blown away. I'm still a meat eater and would never guess that it wasn't meat if I didn't know. Very, very impressive. And tasty!!  Back home I read some more on the balcony, so incredibly cosy out there. Finished A little life today, and wow... my thoughts coming up in this summers reading summery at the end of August, stay tuned.  Then it was time to put up decorations!  To bring out the flamingo wine!  To put hats on!  It was crayfish time!!!!!!!  I'm never in Sweden during crayfish season, and I LOVE CRAYFISH. So this was my number one wish this time around. We had them with shrimp, mumma bears västerbotten-cheese pie, nice bread, soft truffle cheese, whiskey cheddar, aioli, beer and snaps. A perfect way to round off this stint in Stockholm.  At 4AM my alarm went off and I got in to a taxi that took me to rainy Arlanda.  In to the fog and up above the clouds. Thank you to my little family (there aren't many of us) for these days. ❤