One night in July Duncan and I headed to one of the smallest concert venues I've ever been to, Les Etoiles.  It was small, but a cool spot. There was a balcony, a bar and big disco balls!  We were there for Alien Weaponry, the band we discovered at Hellfest a couple of weeks prior! An ad for their gig turned up on my facebook feed the day before they played, so we jumped on it 🤗 It was INSANE, the whole floor (literally) turned in to a mosh pit!  A great gig! Looking forward to seeing what this band comes out with in the future.  On the 6th of July it was time for Kat to cash in her birthday present from Duncan and I! The night started with a super boring guy with guitar. We drank beer and chatted in waiting for the main event.  Then it was time! Fred Durst! Limp Bizkit! Teenage me was in heaven >< So much fun, and insane energy! We ended the night at Moose with cold beers and resting our weary feet. Two great gigs :)