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The responsibility of the business people is huge now in the competitive market because they have to withstand their business in good position. Online shopping is more popular in this generation so the manufacturers also promote the business online by launching the website and it is advertising the products in a worldwide which leads to more benefits and customers. We can find people spending most of their time on social networks. The best way to increase the number of customers is by using the application called instagram. Instagram is the wonderful application for sharing the photos and videos as soon as possible to other sites such as face book, twitter, MySpace, Tumblr and so on. It has various tools to filter the photos if you do not want to edit the photos you can hide the feature. When you go to the official instagram page it will ask you to create the new account for your purpose. You can create it either for personal or business purpose. The registration will not cost anything and it is simple and easy to use.You can post your pictures and videos on the site and share it to various social networks. This is to improve the number of visitors to get the high ratings for your site. The instagram helps you visualize your business idea into real. It will easily convey your goal to the visitors. Share as much as possible and get to know your level of company towards the visitors. Instagram offers the tags to highlight the new arrivals and events so use the highlights tags to post the new events. When you create your profile make sure you turn your settings on public. It is to view your instagram page by public users. It's normal when people start their account the likes and visitors are minimum so buy instagram followers to lift the likes and followers. There are several sites available to sell the followers at an affordable price. Choose the site that provides the trusted followers because many sites are ready to deceive you by sending the fake followers so it is important to select the reputed site for your business development like:   https: //   .Read the reviews and suggestions of the site given by other customers and it helps you make good decision.