?European Tour2019 ?Night tour in Holland

Heading to our countdown trip in EuropeWe had chosen to fly on KLMAnd stayed in Amsterdam for a nightUntil the next morningWe took the connecting flight to Munich, GermanyIt was already 7 pm after we landedSo we decided to pick our dinner restaurant randomlyYou won't have enough energy without a proper dinnerRight?Let's see what we are doingwhen we are connected to the world (gained access to mobile network)What's she doingShe just got to connect to the worldI finally have my soul backShe had headache because she had no access to the internetNo connection to the Wi-FiI am obviously a digital personDo you feel better nowSeems soShould be none of the pain killer's businessYou wasted my pain killerWhat means randomly picking a restaurantHow randomly it wasWe just pick a restaurant with our designated dishesWhich are French fries and spaghettiWe would be very satisfiedBut tonight we ordered a very delicious pan fried salmon as wellWe are purchasing our train ticketsI don't how will the footage look likeAs I am holding my camera directly on my handI want to take a tryAs this camera should have a wider angle than the previous oneAnd for tripodWe are all taking photos anywayThey can help taking mineRight?Our boss is paying for the ticketsEuro 28.8To Amsterdam Central StationWe will visit CanalsWhich we heard that they are beautiful at nightI hope they are really beautifulThe first ticket costs us E$28,80Boss Ivana paid for themYeahThank you Boss x3It takes about 15 minutesTo travel from the AMS airport to the central stationOut of our expectationAt the night of 29 DecThe Christmas decorations in Dam Square, Amsterdam were still thereWe could still see a large Christmas treeAnd of course we stayed and took some photos thereLater we visited Primark for shoppingAs we are having layover in AmsterdamSo we ran out to the city centreSoonWe ran into PrimarkAnd each of us bought a jacketIt can be our uniform someday during our tripWe are finally heading to our main destinationThe canal, to take photosMy friends are all sleepyto be honest, me tooWe will go backAfter we finish taking the photosShould be like thisUnless it is not like thisYes yesWe DID visited the canalsAnd we DID took photosBut we also accidentallyPassed by the red light districtAccidentally saw the red light districtAnd then intentionally entered the red light districtWe just want to take a look how beautiful the girls areWe were sleepy?We forgot about it alreadyJust nowUnintentionally saw the red light districtThen intentionally entered the red light districtWe are now leavingHeading back (to the airport)To be honestIf you are also having your layover at night in AmsterdamI encourage you to visit the city centre like usNeed not to be the red light districtNearby the Central stationThe architecture around are all really beautiful at nightWorth taking photos withWe are really heading back to the airportPrimarkWe must be sponsored by PrimarkGoodbye NetherlandsThey are emptying their bottlesAfter immigrationBefore departureWe have to deal with all the liquid carrying with usAfter departure once againIt was around 1 or 2 amWe were temporarily staying on the sofasOutside the StarbucksSpending a few hours thereAt around 4 amThe lounge finally openedWe could slightly wash our facesMore restHad a breakfastAnd we boarded on the flightSlightly more than an hourWe would be arriving at Munich, GermanySee you in the next episodeByeAmong all the kowloon business hotel, Camlux Hotel is always your best choice with convenient public transport linkage