How long time will Microsoft Windows 10 support your computer?

has updated its Windows life cycle page, which shows how long the company has backed and updates current versions of the operating system.The life cycle information sheet now includes Windows 10 and XP Service Pack 3, Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows 8.1.The terms exactly match the model for other current operating systems and follow the general five-year support and ten-year extended support policies. Windows 10 main support will continue until October 13, 2020, and extended support will end on October 14, 2025. However, both levels can go further because the support end date supports previous system versions. Operational has moved to service packages. Windows 10 constantly receives automatic updates that can be viewed as a service package at any given time.But what do the terms "general support" and "extended support" mean? Above all, both mean that the operating system is updated with important security updates as soon as new threats or security vulnerabilities are discovered. Updates can also include reliability, performance and compatibility.The main support also includes real help for technical questions by phone, email or chat. You can access it at Support for simple problems is free. However, for more complex situations, there are payment support options, called Premier and Essential support. The paid options remain available during the extended support period, as does the information on the Knowledge Base operating system.Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 updates are automatically transferred to computers. The operating system, which claims combines the familiarity of Windows 7 with the innovations and tactile capabilities of Windows 8, is a free update for users of Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1. offers at least 10 years of support for each version of its operating system (at least five years of standard support, followed by five years of extended support). Both types include security updates and programs, online self help and additional help you can afford.Windows 10 was launched in July 2015 and extended support is scheduled to end in 2025. Important feature updates are released twice a year, usually in March and September. recommends that you install each update as soon as it is available.However, the situation is a bit more complicated. When Windows 10 first came out, a employee called it "the latest version of Windows." This does not mean that will get rid of the operating system, but that Windows is more exploited as a service, with continuous updates instead of a completely new version. As the hardware ages, some devices may no longer be able to receive updates."A device may not be able to receive updates if the device hardware is incompatible, if there are no current drivers or outside the OEM support period. OEM features may not work on all devices." "according to the Frequently Asked Questions about the life cycle.We recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible. However, if you want to get free windows10,visit Bzfuture, They are launching an activity recently:Buy antivirus software and get windows 10 oem key free.