[one day tour of Alishan sunrise strategy] Taipei takes guests to Alishan at night, and Yushan tataga is surrounded by sunrise a

Hello, everyone.I'm Aiky.This is the Taipei Bus Station.I'm going to take a Kuo-Kuang 1835 bus from here to Alishan.You heard right, there is a bus in Taipei that go straight to Alishan.In fact, I participated in the Kuo-Kuang package tour.The advantage is that It's midnight arriving at Alishan,The guider will drive you to watch the sunrise.Let's take a ticket.After you signed up the package tour,You can go to the Kuo-Kuang ticket window to take the ticket.Of course, you don't have to sign up for a package tour.You can also take a ticket to get the bus.I took my tickets at the ticket window.There are a round-trip ticket Taipei and Alishan.And a schedule.It's 0:20 am.I thought it kept going straight to Alishan.Let us rest half an hour.Here is Chukou in Chiayi.Actually, I'm not sure the location.In short, you can stretch or toilet.Break time is done.It's 2:40 am.It drove about six hours, finally to Alishan transport station.If you're not a package tour.You can buy a ticket at 7-11 for a shuttle to Alishan to watch the sunrise.But the departure time is not fixed.Why?Because the time of the sunrise of each season is different.Like today departure time is 4:50 am.The shuttle will take you to Zhushan,You don't have to go to Alishan train station to get a ticket.This is a free time before go to watch sunrise.This package itinerary is divided into two projects,One is to the sunrise in Alishan.And the other is the Yushan Tataka line.I picked the Yushan Tataka line.Why?Because for people without cars,It's not easy to get to there.Which means the reason why I went to Yushan Tataka.This package itinerary is from Kuo-Kuang bus company.There are a lot of packages tour on the Kuo-Kuang website.It's not just Alishan.Like Sun Moon Lake, Taiping mountain and so on well-known attractions.You can order.The Kuo-Kuang offered me a discount code.You can enter the discount code.All trips can have a discount of 100 NTD.It's not just Alishan.I'll put discount code guide on the description.You can reference it.This is the Tefuye Old Trail in Nantou County.About a half-hour drive from the Alishan transport station.There's a lot of people here watching the sunrise.When the car was driving up here,And a heavy rain.I thought the sunrise fell through.The weather was better after passed several turns.Sunrise was over.Today is a bad luck.Watching the sunrise is really to luck.Some people come once and see it.Some people come a few times without sunrise.My luck is not good.Looking for long stay hotel deals hong kong? Get great prices for rooms in the heart of Kowloon Bay. Enjoy the home-like vibe at Camlux Hotel.I entered the Alishan National Scenic Area.I shared with you the Yushan Tataka itinerary.The tour guide took me to watch the sunrise, giant tree,the sea of clouds, and ecological.Then because of the rain, the rain was really too big.Some itineraries were canceled.My luck is for raining.When you're driving on the road,You have a chance to see some wildlife.Including the Mikado pheasant, Swinhoe's pheasant, deer and monkey.Because of the rain, did not see one.The final tour guide took me back to Alishan National Scenic Area.Add, lest we misunderstood,If you are choosing the Yushan Tataka itinerary.It not include an Alishan Park ticket.Next to the visitor service center is the shuttle station.60 one way NTD, 100 round trip NTD.We came to the first stop Shouzhen Temple.The main purpose of coming here is to count the moths.There will be several moths on the statue beard.The high record were 26 moths are there once.When you come here, count how many moths are there?Let's go inside.Did you see a moth on the beard?It's not a gold medal and even fake.It's a live moth.That's one.Did you see four moths on the beard in the center?The Shouzhen Temple's moth is very magical!The next time you travel to Alishan, come to count the moth here.We'll continue to Shenmu station.I'm at Shenmu station.The giant tree wooden trestle is very amazing?A lot of cypress trees have been living around for over a thousand years.That trunk is huge.Remember which is tree the oldest before?It's Lulin Sacred Tree nearly 3,000 years old.Really, it's very huge!Now I'm waiting for the train to come in.I went back to the Shouzhen Temple.Now I'm going back to the Alishan transport station.Because of time,The bus departure time is 11:30.It's a lot of trouble if I didn't get on in time.The Kuo-Kuang number 1835 bus is three-rows of seats, that's comfortable.You can sleep all the way to the terminal.There is also a toilet.One last reminder!I can give you a 100 NTD discount for the Kuo-kuang package tour.As long as you see the satisfactory trip on official website.You just order and enter my coupon code.You'll get a 100 discount NTD.If you like this video, share it to your frined.Subscribe and Get notified please.See you next time. Bye~