Guys, we're back in business! I gotta admit, I've missed blogging a TON but work has just been too overwhelming and it completely took over any creativity on my end (and Char's too, I'd say). But, I'm excited to give it another try. It's been a few months, I actually had to look back to see when our last post was posted... FOURTH OF JULY, WOW... Shame on us! But here we go again! I'm thinking that we'll recap our fall in separate posts rather than a quick recap, how bout dat? I'll start with mine and Kasha's trip to Sweden in September! We started our trip in Copenhagen! Christian came and met up with us at the airport and we headed straight to his apartment. We were all determined that this vacation was going to be all about RELAXING! So, the boys went and got us all kebabs, and then we spent the first hours on Christians couch just catching up. After a while, we decided to go down to GoBoats (Christian worked for them at the time), brought a few beers, and our friend Mikey joined us on the boat just strolling around the canals of Copenhagen. When it started drizzling a little bit, we headed to Papiroen for some street food, and afterwards we walked to Nyhavn for a beer before we decided to head home to go to sleep! Thursday morning, I took the train to Sweden to meet up with this lovie of mine! Ah, Sarah and I have been friends for as long as I remember, probably a little over ten years I'd say. And whether we see each other every single day, or if we haven't seen each other in years, everything is just like normal when we see each other again. We have such a real friendship, and it's a friendship I know will continue for the rest of our lives. We met up at "Lilla Torg" (the small square, directly translated) which is a square in Malmo with a ton of restaurants focusing on their outdoor seating more than indoor which you can somewhat see in the picture above. I think we sat here for probably four to five hours, ate a little bit, had a glass of wine or two, and just enjoyed ourselves until my love Hanna came to meet up with us! My love Nicole was flying down from Stockholm Thursday night, so Hanna and I had decided with Nicole's dear mom Catharina to surprise her at her house at night. We bought wine, snacks, and got a ride from Hanna's mom to Nicole's where we had a lovely dinner with Catharina just catching up before Nicole arrived around 1030pm. It's amazing having friends with such lovely parents, where you are happy to see all of them rather than just your friend! Anyways, we had a cozy sleepover at Nicole's, and the day after the weather was beautiful and we decided to have breakfast outside. Catharina sure knows how to make you feel like home!Funny story, Hanna and I had bought champagne to pop the bottle when Nicole got home. Catharina obviously didn't say anything, but was laughing on the inside because when Nicole came and we were ready to pop the bottle open, she more or less screamed "I'M PREGNANT!" We all burst out laughing, and I don't think either of us really knew whether she was just kidding or if she was serious. It took us a few seconds before we realized she wasn't kidding, SHE'S HAVING A BABY! Ahhhh, Not only did our bestie Clara just have her amazing little Svea this summer, now our friend group is blessed with another little baby expected in April! Ahhh, if nothing else, this makes life worth living! Friday! Nicole and I got a ride from my dad into the city (oh yeah, I forgot to mention they were in Sweden at the same time as me an Kash, but more about that later!). We met up with Hanna and her lovely father Pajje, they had picked up a tent that we were putting up for my bday party that night. Once we were done building, we headed to Daniel's job, Casual Street Food, to have lunch. This place is everything, wowsa! It was my second time here, and I can't wait to be back in Malmo again to bring Kash. He's so jealous he's never been. Hands down the best burgers in Malmo! Everything made from scratch with amazingly tasty ingredients. Oh, and their garlic fries... YUM! We stopped at the grocery store on our way home. We made it simple, grilled hot dogs and pizzas haha. I had brought alcohol from Boston since it's about half the price there, and the bottles we sell here are about twice the size! We made a yummy drink and the rest of the night is history! We had such a great night! All of my best friends gathered in one tent (lol), we drank a ton, sang, danced, played music quiz, and enjoyed ourselves! Christian and Nicolai came over from Copenhagen too! All of my favorite people gathered, I don't think I could ask for a better way to celebrate my birthday! That was the first three days of our trip lol, I'll post the next part soon!Xx. Sofia