This weekend, me and Kash took the car and headed down to NYC! It started snowing on our way down there, but not too much until we arrived so we were lucky enough to avoid travel delays. We checked in to Millenium Hilton in the Wall Street district, and we were SO happy with the location we had chosen.  Due to the snow and the low temperatures, we didn't get too many good pictures from this day. However, when we had checked in to our hotel room, we hopped into an Uber and headed to West Village to have pizza at Keste. YUM! We split a bottle of wine, shared two pizzas, and enjoyed finally being away for the weekend. After dinner, we took a walk towards Lafayette and Broadway and strolled down the streets in the snow. We walked by La Esquina, a restaurant I've wanted to try for a while, just to look at their location. We didn't decide on going to NYC until the weekend before, so getting a table at certain places was more or less impossible. We were on the waitlist for La Esquina, but they didn't have an opening until Monday... Anyways, it gives is even more reason to come back to the city soon! At night, we were lucky enough to get a reservation at Catch New York, and WOW were we happy we did. We took an Uber to the restaurant an hour and a half before our reservation, and walked around a bit. We found a restaurant right across the street with a Mexican fun vibe, so we went in and sat by their bar, had mojitos and shared a small plate. At 930, we walked over to Catch, and if there is one place in the city you HAVE TO try it's Catch. Wow, their vibe is amazing, their food is BEYOND amazing, and service is top notch. We are both certain that next time, and every time after, we're going back here! After dinner, we met up with Char and Zach at the same Mexican restaurant we had been to earlier. They were in the city over the weekend too, so we decided to meet up for drinks at night. We had Mexican beers and frozen margaritas, and when Char and I were going to the bathroom, we realized there was a legitimate night club in the basement haha. You couldn't hear a sound from upstairs, but downstairs was blasting hip hop, so when the restaurant closed at 1, the manager came up and offered us free entrance. We went downstairs and danced until 230 in a place I don't think we'd ever go back to haha, but we had a ton of fun! When we came back, the snow had cleared up and we could finally enjoy our view. I didn't realize before that we had the new World Trade Center building right outside, as well as the north pool of ground zero. So beautiful! I'll post our Sunday Sunday tomorrow :)