On Sunday we woke up to a sunny New York. It was crazy to think that there was a snowstorm the day before, and that the weather can do a complete 360 and turn out this beautiful the day Snuggled up in a warm turtleneck and puffer jacket, much needed for what was up next! We took a quick walk over to Ground Zero, it felt like a must since we were staying right across from there. It's so worth a visit if you haven't been there before. I've seen it a few years ago while everything around was still under construction, but now it's all done and it is breath taking what they've done to this place. Next up was Brooklyn Bridge. I've never walked across Brooklyn Bridge before, so it felt like a must. I haven't worked out in a while, and Kash could not stop laughing at how much my calves were hurting walking up there haha. I believe it was a combination from dancing the night before, and getting up early the morning after to walk thousands of steps, but still... either way, totally worth it! It was extremely crowded, but noting we couldn't handle We walked across the whole bridge, we were about to stop mid way but we (read I) are stronger than that ;) The weather was so crisp, the sky was completely blue, and it was the most perfect day to be outside! Once we walked back to our hotel, we packed up and checked out, picked up our car, and drove towards Little Italy for our next restaurant: Vandal! I had made a reservation for brunch at 1230, but it took us a while to find a good parking spot, so I went in and waited while Kash drove around to make sure we didn't miss our reservation. I ordered a bloody mary by the bar while waiting for him, and gave myself mad cudos for sitting by a bar by myself for the first time in my life haha!  We ordered in a lobster mac n cheese, salt & vinegar fries, and a burger. YUMMY!Vandal has a really nice setup! It's a beautiful restaurant, with really cool interior and awesome art! They have an art gallery too where you can buy art, and their walls are filled with some of their pieces too. Such a cool spot.  At night, this place turns into a night club which seems beyond worth visiting!  I forgot mentioning this in my last post, but Catch has a night club too on their roof top that is supposed to be absolutely insane. Celebrities go here all the time, one of the known ones to visit Catch on Mondays (their best night) is Leonardo Di Caprio! It's really hard to get in, but if you have dinner there it's a bit easier to take the elevator upstairs rather than trying to get in from ground level lol.  We were supposed to head up towards mid town after brunch, but when we were done eating around 2, and saw that it would take us 30 minutes just to get to Rockefeller Center, and then having to head back the same direction to get out of the city, we decided that we'd rather head home. We were really tired, and it was such a great idea going straight home. I've spent enough time in mid town in the past anyways. I must admit, I've been very negative regarding NYC the past years, but this weekend completely changed me! I actually can't wait to go back now, so we're already planning a weekend this spring before it gets too warm :)