Sweden Part Two

As promised, Sweden (and Denmark) part two! Saturday we woke up in Copenhagen, and rushed to get ready since we had lunch plans with mom and dad! We had a wonderful lunch at St Annae, so yummy. Afterwards, we walked around the city a bit before heading to Ruby Bar. Definitely one of my new favorite spots in Copenhagen, they have amazingly good drinks and the location is super cool. I unfortunately don't have any pictures from this day other than a picture of one of my drinks at Ruby. A carroty, bloody mary like drink. YUM! At night, Christian hosted a party for all of his friends since he was moving to London the week after! We got to the pregame, drank a little bit, then went out on the streets of Copenhagen. Such a great night! The morning after, we headed back to Sweden to check into my favorite hotel of all time, Gasslingen. Mom and dad treated us to two nights with them so that we could get some quality time down where I'm from. Ahhh, there is no better place to stay than here. We got a great room with a view of the ocean, the church, and ahhh. everything! I actually don't know whether this is a picture from last summer or from this trip. But, we had beautiful weather both times so it could honestly be either. Anyways, how amazing is this place? I'm OBSESSED and I already can't wait to go back. Sunday night we went to dinner at Briems. Mom's friend Anna, is basically a second mom to me (or at least we treat her that way haha). Emma came home to have dinner too, and Viky and her boyfriend and it was so good to get to see everyone again! We've all grown up together since we were born, so it's more like seeing family than friends! Oh, and can we talk about their view? Their house is by far the prettiest and most awesome house I've ever seen! Beats most mansions you seen on TV honestly!  You're about to see a lot of food pictures. But Monday me and Kash went for lunch with grandma and grandpa (mom's side) at the golf course! 3/4 had the dish above. Seriously, Swedish food is AMAZING. This dish is originally based on leftovers. You fry onions, throw in your leftover potatoes and steak and voila. It's so yummy, definitely something I wish I could eat more here in Boston! You pair it with an egg yolk, beets, and pickles. WAAAHHHH At night, we all went for dinner at my other grandparents house (dad's side). Ahhh, my grandmother is seriously a MASTER CHEF! It's crazy. We started with an appetizer with shrimp on one end and deer meat on the other. Seriously...  Followed by this! I am not a huge fish eater, but this was beyond delicious. BEYOND! On Tuesday we checked out and headed into a little city tour. The weather was pretty bad so my pictures from this little tour weren't even worth posting. But, at night Kash, Hanna, Daniel and myself headed to Lund for KRAFTSKIVA (crayfish party) at Sarah and Aleix's! Aleix is from Barcelona, but Sarah, Hanna and Daniel are I are all from the same area. Last time we were home in April, they "met" for the first time officially, and we all had SUCH a great time together. I love that we've all been friends for a long time separately, and as soon as we finally all get time to hang out together, everything just CLICKS! We had such a fun night all together, with yummy food, good wine and the greatest group of people! Me and Kash ended up staying over at Sarah and Aleix's instead of heading to Copenhagen that night. So on Wednesday we headed to Copenhagen, we went shopping a little bit, but spent most of the day inside tired after a long week. On Thursday we were flying home at night, so we had some time to hang out Thursday too. I ended up finally meeting up with Nella, another friend who I'm so happy I've reconnected with. We've known each for a long time, and we don't even know how we're friends haha, but after not seeing each other for a long time, she ended up in Boston over Thanksgiving and we totally reconnected. Since she lives in Denmark now, it was the perfect time to meet up. We had breakfast at Atelier September, a place we've both wanted to try for a while! YUM!I met up Kash quickly after in the city, we walked around and did some last minute shopping, and headed back to finish packing. We flew with Norweigan air, direct flight Boston Copenhagen... WOW. I am never doing ANYTHING BUT nonstop flying after this. I get so anxious from flying already, not scared just anxious, and flying nonstop literally took away over 50% of my anxiety!