While recaping fall, why not cover our wonderful and relaxed thanksgiving this year!  We started Wednesday the day before with a yummy breakfast at home, I worked a night shift that day and Kash was off work - the ultimate cozy morning! We actually ended up having a few friends over later that night for a few drinks and a night out and about. We started in Boston, and headed back towards Allston/Brighton area (where Kash and I live) to shake our tushies at Tavern in the Square. And to start the entire weekend off even cozier, we were taking care of this ultimate blog puppy all weekend while Glen was away. She had the best thanksgiving of us all, she wouldn't stop playing in my parents backyard. It was too darn cute. She was so tired when we came back home later, and snuggled up and fell asleep like the cutest little pp Anyhow, we started the day off with bloody mary's and some appetizers around the kitchen island. First out - dad's homemade rockefeller oyster... uhm... YUM?! WOW! My first but definitely not last time eating this! And that bloody mary... I clearly have an obsession with bloody marys, they're just so friggin yummy! Next up - lobster with some sort of homemade mayo (I can't remember what the flavor of it was, but it was gooood), fish roe and cress(?). I can't remember, but it was delicious!  And lastly, we had tuna sashimi on the same bread with avocado, and these soy sauce "fish egg" things dad makes and it was SO good. Mom's table setting was WOW! Talk about being able to make a thanksgiving table look amazing. I think thanksgiving must be the toughest theme to decorate for, but mom did an amazing job! And finally, dinner time! We didn't eat until 5, even though we had planned for 3 haha. We had the football game playing, we all hung out, had great drinks and wine, and enjoyed thanksgiving. After dinner, we were all SO tired, so Kash and I went home with Bailey around 8 or so. I knocked out pretty early since I had to work Black Friday early the morning after, so getting home on time was perfect for me!