How to Take a Good Selfie?

Follow these selfie tips from Playa del Carmen based photographer, Joshua Ardoin.  These are actionable tips you can apply today.  Selfie taking is an art so get creative and have fun. People who have mastered the basics obviously take less time in capturing that perfect shot. We are here to walk you through these simple tips and tricks that will transform the way you take selfies. Let's get straight to the selfie tips! Seek Beautiful Light This may seem obvious, but so many of us ignore it that it must be reiterated. Lighting is everything. Look for a natural light source, like the light coming in from a window or go outside and look for even light.  No amount of makeup or filters can substitute for good lighting.  Use Flash if you Must Finding an even natural light source is your easiest solution. But what about situations when there is no light. Maybe you’re out strolling in the dark or in a club. What to do then?  Pro tip! Have a friend use the light on their phone to illuminate your face.  Have them hold the light high and to the side of your face. Stay Away from Highlights If the sun is hitting you directly, your camera will have a hard time balancing the light in the photograph. Relax and Feel Confident A glass of wine helps you to stop overthinking everything.  If that smile is natural and real, no selfie can go bad. Stay natural and candid and see the difference in your next shots.  Take Lots of Photos You must take lots of snaps to get a few good ones. Try changing angles and locations until you find the balance between your lighting and composition. Learn Your Best Angles Everyone has a side of their face they like more. Instead of holding your phone in front of you, hold it to the side for different looking shot.  Learn your best angles and use them often. Get Creative with Your Props Checkout Joshua Ardoin’s page for some photoshoot inspiration. Always be on the lookout for cool costumes, locations, and friends who can help you up your selfie game! We hope you can put some of these selfie tips to use today!