If safety is a concern especially with children or pets

If safety is a concern, especially with children or pets,there is almost no risk of fire with electric sconces. There are some dangers to thistype of lighting and they will need to be considered when choosing where toplace them in your residence. Thebeautiful fixtures and the soft, comforting glow of candle light will createthe perfect ambiance for any mood in any room. Candle wall sconce lighting is another great choice. Once you've decided where you're going to place your fixtures, it'snow time to select the ones that are most appropriate for you and your home. The major deal maker for these fixtures is the ability to control itthrough a switch. Another area of thehome that can benefit from the installation of wall sconce lighting is thestairwell. They are much safer and yet really dress up the home. The hardest part may Copper clad Steel Stranded wire be choosing just one or two. Furthermore, this type ofsconce requires an open flame which can create a Stainless steel ground rod fire hazard. These fixtures arealmost always brighter than those lit by candles as well. One advantage of using wall sconce lighting in your home isthat it will light up dark corners and other areas which seem to remain dim. You can use sconcelighting in just about any room in the flat bar house and create beautiful lightingeffects.You tend to get sterile, harsh light from overhead fixtures that will alsoleave areas of the room shadowed or very poorly lit. Wall sconces can be usedto solve this, and they're beautiful in their own right. With many styles tochoose from, you can find ones that create a romantic environment, a fun one oralmost anything you desire. . There are many differentadvantages to this type of lighting, and you can create a striking effect usingonly one or two sconces.One of the first images in your mind when think of wallsconce lighting is outdoor lighting near the front door. First candles release smoke and the area on thewall behind the sconce may blacken as a result. Electric wall sconces are probably the choice of mostpeople. Sconce lighting can be used in virtually any space and will add a newdepth to your decor that you never even considered. You may choose touse these in rooms where they will rarely be lit, but electric is the betterchoice in most cases