Remote control helicopter can not learn well in grounding products a short time

Remote control helicopter can not learn well in a short time, but also this is its fun. The aim is to make the body as far as possible not affected by the outside wind and stability, and stood in back of the tail and look Ground Earth Rods Manufacturers at the the motion response of the body,such as blatant don&China Lightning Protection Manufacturers39;t confuse the direction. Four, dangling After introduce the simple flight, and then to gradually stretch time of helicopter suspension in the air, and at the same time try to control the body&ground Manufacturers39;s flight action. When do this action, please pay attention to the body posture, and then adjust the elevator. Where there is a will there is a way. Now I have been skillful at palying model helicopter, I think you will like me. And either transmitter or receiver use rechargeable batteries, before to charge to discharge, such not only helpful to battery life itself, also can charge the battery with good results and quality. Third, take off First let toward the direction of the nose, and people stand in the direction of the tail. Then, starter rod is inserted into the body of the start bar hole, with your right hand clenched starter and pressed the power switch to start the engine. rc helicopter No matter how long I play model helicopter , I will never forget that excitement when I saw model helicopter first time. I think that most people like me want to fly in the sky like a bird, but because I don't have wing, so I can't like an eagle free flying in the sky, looking at a broader the sky, closing to the warm sun.2 ~ 1.5 V power supply. When time is stretched, flying height is increasing at the same time,and then this is the most basic flying helicopter flight technology that you need to learn. Confirm the rudder surface reaction is normal, and then put the spark plug to connect to the supply of 1. Therefore, various security checks before flight are absolutely not to skip. It is very hard in the control of the direction of the flight, but also very helpless.. Of course, it's very strange that helicopter flew into their own person when unexpected flight path occurs. Then please make sure the body level with the ground state. Most people would think that model helicopter control is very simple, but when you really practical manipulation, you would find the helicopter isn't controlled by yourself,Flat Bar Suppliers  almost on the bounce. So it's not worth felling down because of no electricity, and maybe could hurt others. First of all, to find a good teacher It seems to me that it is very important for you to find a good teacher at the beginning, because he can teach you how to avoid mistakes, to learn the trick of flight, and even faster to learn flight by yourself. No matter how long I play model helicopter, I will never forget that excitement when I saw model helicopter first time. Don't lock the main rotor, because main rotor by centrifugal force, will be automatically thrown straight, to achieve the correct working position, if pin die, it will let the main rotor no way into a straight line. First of all, using the electric starter to start the engine, but before the engine start, to confirm whether happen transmitter and receiver battery power saturation. In addition to the throttle control, you should try to control the aileron, elevator, stern rudder, and observe the reaction. This is a helicopter early action, but also need to constantly repeat the jumping up and down movement. So you need to practice this action constantly, it can let you in the case of security, practice top technology gradually. When the throttle rocker from the bottom to close to the central position, the body of helicopter seems to float above the ground. And then slowly push up the throttle rocker, at this point, the fixed main rotor screw can need not lock, let the main rotor slightly activities. If not, don't hesitate and go home and recharge. In a short word, you must carefully study at the beginning. Next, turn on the transmitter of the power switch, and # open the receiver of the power switch. However, please remember the delicious, even in the safe place, it also happen to harm accident. The first contacted, I think it will control easily, so i bold attempt to fly, but the condition is too failed to almost crashed to other helicopter. So, I still hope you can see, I think that only have a good command of the basic of helicopter can you control the helicopter better. In order to avoid accidental injury accidents, please be sure to find a very empty. If you cannot find such a person, you are sure to look at the following introduction, at least, you can fly smoothly. This is what I want to tell you, and trust me, you can do it. If you really want to learn the remote control helicopter flight, you'd better consult an experienced people, and it can faster and better understanding of the remote control helicopter. With no flying helicopter experience, people usually want to play helicopter by himself, so first must find a safe and empty place. Later, with your left hand gripping the main rotor clip, and confirmed the launch of the throttle rocker in the low speed position (the bottom) and accelerator fine-tuning in low speed position (usually in the central). When you play the helicopter, you need to pay a lot of attention, because it also has certain risk, and also need to know some technology and basic requirements of aviation, machine. If you're lucky enough to find a excellent teacher, also cannot say that the back of the introduced completely useless to you. Remote control helicopter flight is to make people so happy, I think you will have that feeling like me in someday. That is so exciting. if your helicopter is mounted a piezoelectric gyroscope, please wait for a few seconds, let it in to the neutral point, into the effective working state, # then launch the two rockers. Second, the security check before flight To study in the empty place. Don't conceive setting! Not hurt others, but yourself! Because of the sake of being too close to the helicopter. That is really too bad memories. Now i often lamented why is it so interesting, and i made a right choose to play the RC helicopter. I still remember that I just learn the most basic technology of flight, my heart is full of infinite joy and a sense of accomplishment,I will not forget that day in my life. When I saw the remote control helicopter in the vast sky free shuttle flight, I also wants to try doing it. Please don't put the body up off the ground more than 50 cm, if exceed this level, and all of a sudden rapid pulled the throttle, your flight will become waste. And charger and discharger is necessary investment, and if you can add a meter, it's prefect. Please charge the batteries of transmitter and receiver. At that time a little push the throttle rocker again, let the body off the ground, then immediately slowly pull down the throttle rocker. So, I'd be glad to tell you my experience. That is so exciting