Parenting is just an education of self, self awakening?

The complete education is the parents through the mirror of their children, constantly discovering themselves, correcting themselves, digging themselves, and using themselves as an example and role model for their children. 教育課程 It is in the process of education that we meet our own selves that have not grown. If being a parent is your business, what level is your business at now? Level 1: Spending money on your children.Level 2: You are willing to spend time for your child.Level 3: Parents start to think about the goal management of education.Level 4: Parents improve and refine their business in order to improve the education and development of their children. Level 5: 親子教養 Parents do their best to support and encourage their children to be the best they can be, leading by example and supporting their children to be the best they can be. When parents have a low sense of self-worth, the most likely consequence is to tell their children, "I put all my hopes in you, you are the only hope for our family." 教育 Parents can save money to provide a good material living condition for their children's development, hoping that through their children will one day become successful and live better than themselves. Through self-sacrifice, parents give their children more material satisfaction and hope that their children can live up to their expectations.Emotional kidnapping in the name of love is the sadness of many homeschooling and the misfortune of children, often ending with a heavy price to pay.Parents can disregard their children's feelings, self-righteous love, if we do not have and children need to be clear boundaries, too much interference, to the child's development left a heavy blow is definitely no less than violence.