The basic steps of skin care makeup correct

Simple daily skin care makeup steps are to first fully cleanse the facial skin; for skin care, you can apply the appropriate cream or lotion, or even essence can be; start makeup, apply foundation or vegan cream, which can improve the condition of the face, but also make the skin itself is yellow skin become more fair; make eye makeup, mainly wipe eye shadow, and then is to make lip makeup, apply blush or Simple daily use of skin care makeup design steps 1, fully clean the facial skin First of all, it is very important to clean the skin of your face with makeup. Before makeup, if we need we can study this one step without problems, it may make some dirty substances, dust and such or radioactive substances culture may they will keep accumulating in the pores of the It has a certain effect on the state of the skin. And especially easy to show old, so we should pay attention to this aspect should be given enough attention. It is important to fully cleanse your facial skin, you can choose to use some mild cleanser or use some mild toner to thoroughly moisten the cotton pad and then fully cleanse your face. This can also make your makeup more tame and also moisturize your facial skin. 2、Carry out skin care The step of carrying out skin care is also very important, and once again, Tianlufen reminds you that you should also carry out certain skin care before putting on makeup. Sometimes, if people just put on makeup, it may not work very well. But it also does a lot of damage to the skin. After cleansing, it is important to take care of the skin in time. For example, people can apply the corresponding cream or lotion, or even essence can be, this order should pay attention to a little, first the lotion, then the cream, and finally the essence, in this case also has a certain impact on your makeup effect, can reduce the damage of cosmetics on your face to a certain extent. 3、Apply foundation or vegan cream Foundation is very powerful, can improve the condition of the face, but also make the yellow skin more white skin. Some pals may carry out more resistant to foundation, they may therefore think that only this will do face will become a kind of unnatural white, and there are some fairies themselves may be a relatively lazy, they are not so we are used to smear the face with foundation, so need everyone is available through the use of vegan cream. Makeup-free creams are quick and easy to use and can achieve the same effect, but also give the impression that there is no makeup. This is also a good way. 4、Make up your eyes When you are done with foundation or a certain amount of natural face cream, you can make eye makeup. For eye makeup, the main thing is to apply eye shadow. It's important to paint eye shadow, sometimes too exaggerated eye shadow is not suitable for daily life, so we try to choose some earthy color eye shadow is better. That is good for you and students for some of our eyelashes are not so long partners, you can apply the appropriate mascara or by using an eyelash curler clip, so that your eyes carry more perfect power. 5, lip makeup Lip makeup is also a very important step. When applying the corresponding lipstick, you should first apply a layer of lipstick so that it can play a certain role in moisturizing and also make your lip skin less dry and rough. This is a great tip. When it comes to lip makeup, you may carry out more is like by using lip glaze, its composition analysis is also we need students to pay attention to a little, may make the lip skin problems more dry, so the enterprise before this apply a layer of lipstick is also a very necessary. 6, apply blush or concealer Little ones may not be too satisfied with their skin color, the skin is too white, people have a sickly feeling, so you can apply a layer of blush. Blush can make the skin look healthier and more vibrant, which is also good. If you have acne or other facial skin problems, you should cover them up at the end. It is also helpful to conceal it. Skin care should pay attention to the 5 "taboos" 1, avoid using perfume indiscriminately Some girls are afraid in the summer time, because others sweat and have body odor, so when you go out, you will spray a lot of perfume on your body, here to remind you of the attention is that we try to spray perfume in the clothes, behind the neck, behind the ears or wrists, try to avoid spraying it on the bare skin, because in the sunlight, the perfume may undergo some chemical changes that will stimulate the skin, making the skin itchy and red, etc.. 2, avoid frequent use of wet wipes Wet wipes are also one of the things that girls often prepare in the summer. When they use wet wipes to wipe sweat when the health feels very refreshing. However, please note that wet wipes contain some chemical additives, so if you are sensitive skin, do not use them easily. In addition, if companies frequently use different time can words will also damage the skin's surface working environment, will make the skin surface water-oil imbalance, so we are more detrimental to the health of the skin, so wet wipes can only be used by themselves as an emergency temporary cleaning treatment, really want to achieve the Chinese cleaning effect analysis, then it is best to use soap and water for research and thorough cleaning. 3, avoid smearing too much sunscreen Especially in the summer time, ultraviolet rays are relatively strong, we will choose to apply sunscreen to resist ultraviolet rays and sun exposure, but pay attention to sunscreen is not the more the better, in fact, a thin layer on the face is enough, can be applied every two or three hours, but each time do not apply too thick, otherwise it will affect the breathability of the skin, and pores are also prone to be blocked, which will produce a variety of acne pimples. 4, avoid frequent use of oil-absorbing facial tissue Many people's face is prone to oil, especially the T-zone, so many people like to use oil-absorbing tissues, the face of the oil sucked away, in fact, this practice is not scientific, the higher the frequency of oil absorption, the frequency of oil will also increase, so our face will be due to inertia and oil, it is easy to make the skin secrete more oil. 5, avoid washing your face too many times Wash your face once a day in the morning and once in the evening is enough, sometimes because the face is oily, and wash your face too many times, if you wash your face too often, it will be easy to make the face become dry. The oil and water balance of the face is an indicator of the health of the skin, if you lose this indicator, the skin will also have problems as a result.