Evaluate the type of WordPress hosting you need

When you consider buying WordPress hosting, then you need to choose the best one that will meet your needs. You will need to consider the speed, the security and also the reliability as important factors you need to consider. However, before you consider these 3 factors, you also need to evaluate “what you need” before you buy WordPress hosting. By evaluating your needs, you can save dollars. There are different types of WordPress hosting services and this explanation below can help you to determine which one that will work best for you.  The Managed WordPress hosting  This is an account that enables the user to host WordPress based sites. The benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that you can keep peace of mind from anything. The provider will optimize your site performance, ensure the site is protected, and also keep updated backup regularly. The plan to manage to host is usually higher than other options below.  The Shared WordPress hosting  The shared WordPress hosting is one of the most popular uses by a beginner. This WordPress hosting is the most affordable and quite good for starting point best WordPress hosting for a new beginner. The shared hosting is a case where you share a large server with a lot of websites. With multiple sites in the same server the provider from the hosting able to offer service at an affordable rate. The biggest downside from the shared hosting is unlimited resources. The shared WordPress hosting is best for those who starting bloggers and run a small business.  The Free WordPress hosting  All about free is making happy, right? But if you consider this free hosting, you will need to commit to some of the catch. Most often, the catch is you will need to put banner ads from them on your site. Some others may ask you to put the text link in the site footer. Usually, you can find this free WordPress hosting in online forums. Most of them are managed by individuals who resell small parts from his server space to cover up some revenue. The biggest downside from this free WordPress hosting is the ads that unreliable. You are also unable to know when the person stops give their free service. They are able to leave you to hang anytime. If you are serious about your website, then avoid this free WordPress hosting. VPS WordPress hosting The VPS is a method for partitioning the physical server of the computer into multiple servers to respect with need from an individual customer. This hosting gives you a dedicated server and control. This also offers privacy and able to configured to run a specific software server. VPS WordPress hosting is best for those who have high traffic blogs, run medium scale business and aspire designer or developer.  WordPress dedicated server hosting The dedicated WordPress hosting server is a physical server that you able to lease from the hosting provider. This enables you to have full control to server included the option to choose the operating system, software, hardware, and more. The WordPress dedicated server hosting is best for those who have extremely high traffic blogs.