My 2016.

Describe your year with three words: Tough, love, memorable.Where did you travel? Sicily, Sweden, Barcelona, Marseille, Riga.  View from Monserrat outside of BarcelonaBest picture from 2016: This one from my cousins wedding. Dennis, and my beautiful grandmother who struggled with the english but won him over with her smile.  What did you look forward to? Getting out of the hospital, the Euro Cup, my cousins wedding and to get well again. Which day was the best day? My cousins wedding. It was beautiful and I was so happy to see the whole family together. I cried most part of the day. Plans for 2017? Move to a new flat or room with Dennis. I need a place with more shelfs, for my books. I also plan to do well in my university courses. I plan to become a better writer. I hope to go back to Barcelona. I miss Emil. I want to travel to a new place, somewhere I have never been before.