"The good guy"

Me and Dennis were at the pub the other day, and we were watching ice hockey. We started to chat with a guy, and the conversation was flowing well. We talked about everyday life and he asked about my course at university. I mentioned that one of my teachers was acting a bit sexist, and, without letting me finish my story, the guy said "You better grow some thick skin." Excuse me? "You can't be surprised. You will be facing sexism, racism and loads of other shit. My suggestion is that you grow a thick skin." First of all, I have a thick skin. As a woman, living in a men´s world, I have had to grow some fucking thick skin. But also, and even more so, just because I'm expecting to face inequality, sexism, and all sorts of injustice, it doesn't mean that I will ever accept it. I will fight all the sexism out there, wearing my thick skin as a reminder of the importance of my fight. What´s funny about this incident is that the guy clearly thought he was one of "the good ones". He said he was against sexism and the rest, but still makes the statement that I should just get used to it. I have a suggestion to the "good guys" wanting to give advice to women: don't. If you have to do it, say: Yes! Talk about sexism as much as you can, raise the topic to the sky and constantly remind people HOW WRONG IT IS. We can't make something this awful into a normal thing, because then it will never go away.